The Herd

Page updated as of November 2020:

If you’ve just stumbled across my blog, or even if you’ve been a long time reader (in which case, I thank you wholeheartedly!), you know that I am a huge animal lover. So much so that I have my own little *herd* as I like to call them. I try to post pics of them in posts from time to time, but thought this might be a good addition to the blog as well. All of my animals are what I (and most shelters) would call seniors. The youngest, we think, is about 10, and the oldest is may possibly be as old as 16 (HoneyBun).  I hope to have them all around for many, many years.

All are rescued from shelters, and in Bonkers’ case, was a foster failure.  The newest member of the family is at the bottom of this page and her name is Babs (the 10 yr old.)  Morgan is now with my old roommate and friend James who is still in Albuquerque, and he cannot imagine life without her.  

I’ve included pictures of my animals who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  I know they are still with me in spirit.  Sadly, Osito passed away the beginning of April 2017.  She sent Snuggles to me literally the day after.  (I know she had a hand in that!)   When I first moved to the southwest, I had five cats and Osito.  I now have three and two dogs!

So, without further adieu, here they are, in all their furry glory!!

My "Bonkie" (short for Bonkers). He is 14 and was my foster failure. We were only supposed to be together for two days. :-)
My “Bonkie” (short for Bonkers). He was 15 when he died in 2016. He was my foster failure. We were only supposed to be together for two days. 🙂 He ended up having a tumor which signaled aggressive cancer.


Bonkers and Osito - my two oldest. They are both 14. Of course, right after this photo was taken, they separated, but I couldn't believe my eyes when Osito sought him out and laid down to snuggle.
Bonkers and Osito – I loved this picture of the two of them together. They were the same age. Of course, right after this photo was taken, they separated, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when Osito sought him out and laid down to snuggle.


This was my youngest, Sebastian, who died in October 2015. He was only 7, and we think he had a seizure. He died en route to the animal hospital that was 75 miles away from where I lived at the time. He was such a cat’s cat. Totally irreplaceable in my life and heart. He was such a good cat brother to Max, too.


Solo photo of my baby girl, Osito, or who I sometimes refer to as Baby O. She’s all of 4.5 pounds, and she loves to sleep on her blankie on her dog bed. When she’s awake, her rule is we must be touching at all times. 🙂  RIP, Baby O.  [2001-2017]


Max, being dramatic as only a cat like him can be. He’s the Alpha in the family, and I love him to death, when he’s not chasing his feline sisters (HoneyBun or Babs) around.


The quintessential photo of Max. This is him to a T. He loves life, and is very confident in himself (can you tell he’s comfortable with all of his feet in the air?! LOL.


My baby girl, Callie. In this stance, I knew she was super happy and was likely purring at the time. I can tell by the way she has her paw behind her ear and has her body turned toward me.


I treasure moments like this – it was taken a few years ago when I was living in Boston, since Sebastian is in it. HoneyBun is the honey-colored one in the foreground and that’s Callie, the calico, in the back. I loved seeing them together like this.


13100716_10153880293669930_8831779144980748478_n (1)
My baby girl, HoneyBun. Obviously she was named for her fur’s color and also the fact that she is a sweetheart. She’s shy and quiet and has the cutest little chirp of a meow. She doesn’t seek out attention as much as some of the others, but she is still my sweet baby girl, regardless. Love her!


Another photo of HoneyBun doing, what else? Sleeping! After all, she’s a cat! It’s what they do! 🙂

 Morgan!!   I fell in love with Morgan in Page, Arizona.  This picture was her picture on Petfinder – so much better than anything I could have taken of her! She was a three year old cattle dog (some refer to her as a heeler) when this picture was taken.  

Update:  Morgan is with my old roommate, James, back in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They adored each other and he is an Army veteran.  He suffers from PTSD and a few other things and Morgan has been an angel for him (in his words.)  I’m not surprised at this.  When his physical injuries bother him, she is right there to comfort him.  When other things bother him, she is there and sometimes she can even predict when things will flare up or are worsening.  I feel like I was meant to be her mama until he came along and that their partnership was the reason she came into my life.  He doesn’t know what he would do without her.   I miss her a ton, of course.  But I know she is with someone who would lay down his  life for her, and vice versa.

photo taken by Page Animal Adoption Agency


The Little Man, or Snuggles, as I call him – we think he was about 9 or 11 years old when I took this photo.


The photo of Babs that brought her into my heart, and within a week after seeing it, into my life!
I love this photo because it shows how much Sophie loves her adoptive brother, Snuggles. It melted my heart to see her paw on top of him while they slept.
Seriously, how could you look at a goofball face like this and NOT fall in love with her?? ❤ Sophie. Yeah, it’s a little blurry but just look at that derf! face. Sophie was adopted two years ago from the Naples Humane Society. They thought she was 7 at the time which would make her 9 at this point. This is one dog who does NOT act like a senior at all.