Helpful Books

Below are books that I have found to be helpful or informative, organized into categories such as:  Humane Education, Personal Finance, Tiny Houses and/or Simple Living, Minimalism, and Writing.  Please note that any or all of these links may be affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a certain percentage of your purchase (it costs you nothing extra!)

I’ve then arranged them in alphabetical order by last name of the author.  I’m a voracious reader, so remember to check back here often for new suggestions.   If you have a suggestion for a book to add to this page, I’d love to hear about it, so please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and it’ll send me a note!

Also, be sure to check out my GoodReads profile! (I plan to add book reviews there soon!)

Factory Farming

Humane Education: Animal Welfare and Protection

Humane Education, Environmental Issues

Humane Education: General Coverage

Inspiration for the Human Race:

Personal Finance

Tiny Homes and Simple Living



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