I’m Still Here! and Looking Forward

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This is my last week of the semester and I have two presentations due this week, plus I’ve been given the gift of some extra transcribing these past few weeks, so I’ve been a busy girl!  Also, two of my cats have had dentals performed in the past week, and so I’ve been worried about them and their recovery, which takes me away from other duties.  (Poor little HoneyBun – check out The Herd page – she’s my beautiful orange/buff colored beauty) has a cone on her head now.  But she remains her extremely loveable self, even rolling onto her side so we can rub her belly.)  But I want to let you know I’m still here and plan on getting back to posting twice a week once this week is over.

I’m excited because next semester, I will be taking two classes:  (1) Animal Protection and (2) Writing for Social Change.  These are two classes that I already know will be near and dear to my heart.  The latter is one that is usually taken in your second year of the program but my advisor thought it to be a good idea for me to take it now, earlier on.

I’m looking forward to using my blog to include some of my humane education efforts, but for those of you who read it (maybe to cure your insomnia?!) to follow along with my life, don’t worry, I won’t abandon writing posts to discuss my life, decisions, hopes, and of course, simple dreams, etc., so please keep with me!!

And in case you are looking for some good books to read, or maybe to even give as a gift, please check out my newly improved Helpful Books page, which I’ve recently changed and plan on updating regularly.

As always, thank you for reading! What’s been keeping you busy lately? Drop me a line below!

And to any of you who have used or plan on using my Amazon Affiliate or Ebates Referral links for your shopping this holiday season or just in general, thank you!!

And remember to always . . .

enjoy today
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6 thoughts on “I’m Still Here! and Looking Forward

  • I remember being in grad school and those weeks filled with various presentations, papers and even exams (though I think exams should be banned in grad school). Because I was older I had a lot of life experience, and that helped a lot in the presentations I wasn’t nervous about doing them because I’d been doing that sort of thing in work for years. You’ll do just fine, because you too have lots of experiences to draw on. (I AM NOT SAYING YOU”RE OLD! ! !)

    • You’re exactly right, Dawn. I remember when at work, you would have a limited amount of time to get something done – the busier you were, the more productive you were too. So yep, I don’t get so nervous anymore. I just figure, what will be, will be, and it’s just one block of time in my life of many. Having taught so much, this definitely doesn’t scare me too much. And lol, I knew you weren’t saying I was old! 🙂

  • I remember the days of presentations. I still give presentation, but it is for work now. I actually get paid to do it now. Hang in there. Your semester is almost over. Chasing your dreams is never easy, but you will remember the journey.

    • Oh, yes, I sure will remember it! And yep, because I used to have to present so often as a librarian, this doesn’t bother me as much as it otherwise would. Just a matter of prioritizing getting everything done this week and listening to my body. When it needs sleep, I go to sleep and know I can get more done when I’m rested.

  • School is so much better when you are studying things you are passionate about.

    Looking back on my education, I spent too many years studying things that I didn’t really like at the time, and have grown to pretty much despise today.

    As you know, if I won the lottery, I’d probably end up back in school in some far flung corner of the world learning to my hearts content.

    Hope your presentation goes well, Terri! You’ll be great.

    • Omg, it truly is so much better! I also studied a lot of years for something i’m not fond of today – the law. I know it’s not the financially smart thing to do, taking part in this program, but I am really enjoying it. I know life is short, so I’m trying to enjoy my time while I’m here on this earth. Btw, you’re kicking it with the debt payoff!

      And thank you, I hope so too!

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