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timothy ward fingernailI don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do have some favorite YouTube channels I turn to for inspiration.  One is Timothy Ward’s channel.  Currently, Tim is working in Colorado, and he is working on a series of videos called “100 Ways To Create Your Dream Life.”  He is so down to earth in all of his videos.  He’s lived in an RV, like me, but decided it wasn’t for him.  He loves to travel and so he does a lot of seasonal work, most often lately in housekeeping, even though he is qualified to do so much more.  (Another reason I like him – he does what he likes to do, not because he feels it’s a job he HAS to do to be what is considered a “success” in today’s world.)   He goes to work every day with a positive attitude.  His laugh is genuine, and luckily,  he laughs a lot (sometimes at himself) in his videos.  Though he doesn’t have tens of thousands of subscribers, he doesn’t care.  To him, it’s more important to connect with his viewers and create a community, much like I am with this blog.  Please go check out his channel and tell him I sent you! 🙂

dylan magaster fingernailAnother channel that I like because of the Alternative Living series that he has begun, is Dylan Magaster’s channel. His film-making skills have improved so much from the early days.  In particular, one video he shot recently really spoke to me.  His subject was a guy called Artisan Josh.  I’d seen videos of Artisan Josh’s house, Lil Red, in the past, but they hadn’t really gone into who he was as a person.  Josh grew up in foster care, spent time behind bars, and now has found peace in his tiny home, among the tiny home community.  He travels and builds tiny houses for others. It might not be a life for everyone, but it’s the one that works for him. When he laughs in this video, I hear a man who has found peace and seems genuinely happy with his life as it currently stands.  (He commented back to me that he sounds like Woody Woodpecker, lol.)

artisan josh.jpg
At the end of the video Dylan shot, Josh reads some of his original poetry.  I just felt drawn to it, and the first time that I listened to it, I felt chills, but in a good way.   Check out some of the work he has done at his website: Artisan Josh.  He also appears to have begun his own YouTube channel and he is also on Instagram.

becky fingernailBecky Schade is the author of the Interstellar Orchard blog of which I have been a fan for a long time.  I’ve written about her in the past, and she never ceases to amaze me.  She’s like a very old soul in a thirty-something’s body.  She has written and published a blog and now started up her own YouTube channel, chronicling her six years (6!!) of living full time in an RV.  She currently lives in a Casita, but has decided to downsize next year into a teardrop trailer!  Since she’s announced her decision, she has had to deal with a lot of flack and comments from those who think they know better how she should live her own life.  She’s amazingly mature at dealing with those types of comments. And knowing her own mind and what is best for her to do to follow her own dreams.  She inspires me with her independence, her self-awareness, and her writing skills.  Plus, she’s also a good human being! (Oh, and she now has her own YouTube channel too!)

There’s one common thread that ties these folks together in my mind.  They have each found happiness on their own terms.  They don’t sugar coat how their life is – life is not a set of Instagram photos as many would like us to believe.  Some days are good and some days are bad, and they acknowledge that, just as do I. They’ve all realized that life is (to use a cliche) a journey.  You learn more about yourself every day. And that’s something that you can’t put a price on.

If you have any comments as to who inspires you, or if you’ve already begun following these folks or learning about their stories, please let me know! If you’ve liked this post, please hit the like button or share it with someone who you think could benefit from it too! And as always, thanks for reading!

And now, I’m off to volunteer at a food pantry! My hospital gives away pet food on the third Friday of every month and today I think we’re going to have a lot of extra stuff like leashes and collars to give to everyone, as part of an early holiday gift.  These are some of the best four hours I spend every month – it makes me grateful for my life, my job and my pets.  Have a great weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Those who inspire me right now

  • Hi Terri,
    I don’t know if my “like” worked but I loved this post. Made my day better and I will be checking these people out.

    • Hi Adar, it doesn’t look like your “like” took, but that’s ok! I’m glad you really liked the post, and yeah, I can’t wait to hear what you think of these folks!

  • Love this post. Truly inspirational to see so many people living life on their terms. Society places so much pressure on how we should live and it is nice to see individuals buck that notion.

    I work for a TRIO Program that helps students who are first-generation, low income or have a disability and I am inspired everyday by those individuals. Seeing how hard these students work to provide a better life for their family is truly amazing.

    We tend to see all the negative things going on in our society. Just watch the local news, but there is also a lot of great things taking place. Thanks for sharing some of that. We need more of it in this world.

    • I agree re we need to see more positive stuff going on in the world. Unfortunately, all the news channels seem to think that only bad news gets attention. That program you work with sounds pretty school. How old are the students you work with?

      And yes, these folks are my heroes because they are living life on their own terms. You can tell that each of them has genuinely found their happy place, even if not every day is all rainbows and unicorns.

      Glad you liked the post!

  • I don’t watch tv either and have substituted that with YouTube. Sometimes it’s education and inspiring like Tedx videos but at times it’s mindless. I love Michelle Poler channel Hello Fears and she started this where she list all her fears like a bucket list and she does them for 100 days. I find her inspiring because I have mild social anxiety-self dx. I mean I have jump off a plane but being around strangers and making conversation is more taxing and terrifying.

    • Oh wow, does all her fears for 100 days!!?? Some of mine, there is just no way i could do. My boyfriend wants me to jump out of a plane but that’s going to take a TON of convincing since i have a deathly fear of heights. I will check out her channel! (And nope, mine isn’t always educational either. Some of it is mindless, lol.)

      i think a lot of people feel anxiety when it comes to talking to strangers, etc. I sometimes feel like I am an extrovert with an introverted side.

  • Terri,
    I’m touched and moved that you included me on this list. It means so much to me to hear that I can inspire someone. Reading post like this (and the comments you leave regularly on my videos) help me to see that this is the path that I am supposed to be on in my life and help to keep me motivated during the not-so-good days. Thank you.

    Becky is an inspiration to me too! I’ve been following her blogs for years as well.

    • Oh you’re very welcome, Tim!! Yes, you are definitely on the right path. I get excited when I see you have put out a new video. Your positivity definitely helps me some days as well, when I’m feeling a lot less than positive, for whatever reason. And yes, Becky is awesome!!

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