It’s Simple, Really


If you had asked me even a few weeks ago what my dreams were, I think I would have answered you much differently than I would today.  I had even started drafting a few different blog posts but none of them really sat “right” with me and I wasn’t even sure I would start this blog. After all, I had stopped blogging over at Middle-of-the-Pack-Girl a few years ago when I felt like I wanted things in my life to go back to being more private. Why start up again?Because writing, like running, can be very therapeutic for me. And because I know I’m not the only one out there with dreams that I am sometimes afraid to chase. In a way, they are probably like many of yours.

  • Get out of debt (more, a lot more on that in future posts)
  • Be happy with what I do everyday, even if it’s something I am getting paid for (or, maybe, especially so if I am earning a living by doing it)
  • Have and keep my good health
  • Be able to provide a good home for all of my very loved furballs (4 cats and a dog, and no, you are not the crazy cat lady until you have 5!!)
  • Have a place of my own, with only what I need, and nothing more
  • Stay true to myself, no matter how scary or confusing it may seem to do or be
On the surface, they look simple. But I have found that things are not always what they seem. I plan on writing this blog from my heart. To do otherwise wouldn’t be fair to me, or to anyone out there who may be reading this. Unlike the last time I blogged, when I began as a way of keeping my family updated on my progress (only one of my siblings regularly read through it, and that was ok, he understood the topic and its motivations best), this time it’s to help myself, maybe keep myself a little honest and on track so I don’t get complacent (for too long), and hopefully to inspire others out there to follow their dreams.

5 thoughts on “It’s Simple, Really

  1. So glad we’ve connected through ‘Everyday Magic’ Terri! Reading through your blog has me realize we have quite a bit in common even though I am (I believe) a couple decades older. Your photos have a very West Coast feel interestingly enough . . .

    1. Well, you definitely don’t look a couple decades older – I don’t think you are – I’m 40! I used to write another blog at, and definitely some of my photos on there are from the west coast! Thank you, I take that as a compliment about my photos!

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