Little Things for Which I am Thankful

I really look forward to writing this post every week. I hope you enjoy it too.

My new bike!
My new bike!
  1. Fall weather seems to be upon us, and I am grateful for that cool air which all runners love after having suffered through the heat and humidity of summer. It. Is so much easier to breathe!
  2. Bonkers, the newest member of the family. He seems to instinctively know that this is now his home and has been settling in very well.
  3. My EG Copenhagen, my new electric bike! It will make running errands and riding up hills that much easier. Plus, if I get another job, it will make life that much easier if I end up going into work before the T has started running for the day.
  4. I got rid of my recliner chair this week. I know, sounds weird that it made the list, right? Well, it had been broken since the day I moved out  three years ago (by the movers, no less). It was taking up valuable space and I hardly ever sat in it because it had to be propped up by a while. Only one of my cats (HoneyBun) sat there with regularity and I suspect that may have been owing to the fact that I covered it with a really comfy fleece blanket for her. I’ve since moved the blanket and she seems to be doing just fine in the new location.
  5. Found a book called The In-Between: Embracing the Moments between Now and the Next Big Thing, by Jeff Goins. While I am really motivated to attain my goals, it is also helping me to realize life is also going on NOW. I will definitely review it on here when I am finished, and I already know it will be going on my Helpful Books page.Have a great weekend everyone! I leave you with an image of one of my cuties. 🙂
  6. My sleepy girl, HoneyBun
    My sleepy girl, HoneyBun

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