Little Things for Which I am Thankful

This has been an extremely busy week at work so it’s been hard to blog. But I have kept a list in my mind of what makes me feel grateful this week. I tried all weekend to post this but my blogging app was having none of it, so please excuse the tardiness. I wrote this last week.

  1. I have a very dear friend who will be watching over my little Osito for the next few days while I am away. And I live next door to a woman who does pet sitting for most of our building complex, and I know she takes great care of my cats. Luckily, she is around this weekend and can watch over my kitties for me.
  2. I have friends who look out for me and let me know things that might be difficult to hear. I know it is coming from a good place and trust them.
  3. I have my health and so does my family. A good friend’s mom just got diagnosed with breast cancer.
  4. I am going to the Tiny House Workshop and in the course of doing so, getting to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while!
  5. Mass transit, yes, you read it here folks. This from the girl whose motto has long been “friends don’t let friends take mass transit.” That and mobile Internet. Both are allowing me to work on this post while commuting to work.
  6. The Internet. For its ability to connect old friends and allow us to make new ones with individuals we might not otherwise meet. For its helping us to learn more information about events and situations, both good and bad. For sharing beautiful images. For allowing us to take writing courses online (I am starting one next week, led by Tammy Strobel of
I will definitely be blogging very soon about my tiny house workshop with Jay Shafer, as I know some of you are very interested in hearing about it. I am hoping to meet more like-minded people and getting more involved in this community, however I can. As my younger brother recently said on a Facebook post on my timeline, “onward and upward!”

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