Little Things for which I am Thankful

My baby girl, Osito
My baby girl, Osito

Writing this post as the week goes along really does make me sit up and take notice of more around me. Writing really is healing.

  1. That feeling of warmth and coziness you get the first few times you turn on your heat into your apartment, just to get rid of that chill. It’s a different feeling than the times when you know it will be kept on permanently for several months. (Those of you in the south, just use your imaginations for that one… 😉
  2. Having a loveseat by the window to read, study on, or snuggle with your animals on a lazy weekend morning.
  3. The sound of my dog and I and our feet crunching through all the fallen leaves, and the fact that neither of us has been bonked on the head by the too-many-to-count acorns falling from the trees.
  4. The feeling I get when I crawl into bed at night after a long day, and feeling at least two animals pressed up against me because that’s right where they want to be. They know they are safe and oh-so-loved. (And yes, that’s the dog’s head on my chest in the picture above. She was so content. And sleepy.)
  5. The realization that I can keep dreaming of tomorrow and what the future will bring or I can actively work on bringing about that future today, even with little incremental steps.
  6. Being part of a wonderful online writing group where I feel supported and I am benefitting from the creativity of others.
  7. Received a refund of $116 from something I had completely forgotten about. Going into my savings!
  8. My decision to get up just a bit earlier every morning so I can take advantage of the time when my brain is at its most creative and productive. I am already loving and am grateful for the quiet.
What are you thankful for this week? Please drop me a line in the comments and let me know!

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