Little Things for Which I am Thankful

First post of the new year!!! Grateful to have spent good time with friends on New Year’s Eve – I had plans for once! I started writing this post on Thursday, when we were experiencing the beginnings of a ‘Noreaster, but got sick on Friday, so I’m sorry this is being posted a day later than normal. 

  1. With the poor weather conditions, my mom called me to make sure I was safe and at home. I guess no matter how old I get, I’ll still be a cause of concern/worry for her. She asked “did I have enough food?!” I am grateful to say, yes, in addition to having a very well functioning furnace and healthy animals to keep me company. I wasn’t thrilled to have to go into work on Thursday, even if it was for a part day, but at least I have a job. Many don’t.
  2. New Year’s Eve was fun and I was with friends whom I genuinely care about and vice versa. We took mass transit and got home safely. Along the way, we passed many people at the one T stop who were getting sick right on the platform. Thank God we’ve outgrown those days!
  3. Something told me to stock up while at Trader Joes last week so I wouldn’t have to worry about shopping for food this weekend, and that was even before knowing we were going to get a major snowstorm. So, I don’t need to leave the house for anything.
  4. The heat is included in my rent. I am especially grateful for this because when I woke up this morning, my weather app on my phone said it was ZERO degrees and that was without the wind chill. I know some of you live in much colder states, and I personally don’t know how you handle it. I couldn’t.
  5. Been watching videos on youtube about the term “Food Insecurity.” Interesting term, don’t you agree? I think it’s one of those terms people use to make the idea of hunger not seem so dire. So many people in this country are food insecure. I am so glad that I have enough income to be sure I always have food in my cupboards and refrigerator.
  6. Took my Sebastian and Callie to the vet earlier this week. Both got clean bills of health and a big smile from my vet. Sebastian even lost a half pound! 🙂
  7. Very grateful that my little Osito has been trained to use pee pads successfully. She absolutely hates the cold (and who can blame her since she is so small and has short hair) so now both of us don’t have to go outside in the subzero temps!
  8. Extremely glad to not have a car during times of bad weather like this. No need to shovel or worry about moving it so it doesn’t get towed.
  9. PAID off the personal loan this week! Switching the money that used to go automatically to paying it off into going into savings instead. :-)))
  10. My freelance work is really coming along well, even though yesterday I didn’t get done nearly as much as I had first planned. My body doesn’t ache like it did yesterday and my throat doesn’t hurt as much, so, while I feel a little feverish, I plan on being somewhat productive today. I even have a tiny dog snuggled  up next to me to give me motivation to keep going. 🙂

What are you thankful for this week?

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2 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  • So…. it’s a little thing, but now that I’m a mother myself, I want to change the wording on that first item of your list. You’re not a “cause of concern/worry”, you’re just always going to be someone she cares immensely for. No “cause” though…. don’t know why that jumped out at me, but it did! 🙂

    And since I brought it up and you asked… I’m thankful for my daughter. She’s the little amazing miracle that I never knew I needed!

    • I’m glad you feel that way, Jill. I remember how shocked you were when you first wrote about being pregnant. I know it’s not the same, but that’s how I feel about my animals. They’re like a miracle to me and make me wonder what I did without them before they came into my life.

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