Little Things for Which I’m Thankful

My baby girl, Osito, enjoying a walk in the sun last weekend. :-)
My baby girl, Osito, enjoying a walk in the sun last weekend. 🙂

Once again, I’m so glad it’s Friday. You ever have those days where you wake up during the middle of the week, and you’re like “oh crap, it’s only Thursday??” That’s the experience I had yesterday morning! Anyway, on with my favorite post of every week!

  1. My little brother, my baby brother, turns 40 today. WOW.
  2. Most academic institutions gave their employees the day off this past Wednesday when the weather was completely awful, but not mine!! So while I am not thankful for that, based on  my commuting experience the day after the storm, I am grateful that not too many other idiots had to be out on the roads on Wednesday, so at least the bus wasn’t too crowded.
  3. I finished working on the 1st chapter given to me by my author. (Well, for the second time, she had more questions after my first go-round with it.) Just feels good to be able to say “I’m done!” And now, on to the second chapter that I had been working on until about two weeks ago.
  4. Girl scout cookies!! I’m getting some this weekend from my niece. 8 boxes to be exact. (Yeah, I tend to go a little crazy this time of year, but I plan on putting some of them in my ‘extra stockpile” of food. (They say, in case of emergency, it’s good to have some snacks that you really like because if the whole world goes to shit, at least you have an indulgence to go to in times when everything else pretty much is awful.)  I also need to bring some stuff into work to return the generosity of others who bring in snacks a lot.
  5. Today is payday, so I’ve been able to make an extra payment of $430 onto my private law access loan. By next month, it should be pretty close to, if not under, $19,000!
  6. Went through my taxes the other night and think I’m getting about $300 back. Not particularly large amount of cash, but you know what? I’ll take it. Better than the years when I was married, and because were were a DINC (double income, no children) couple, we always ALWAYS owed.

Are you thankful for anything this week? If so, please drop me a line below, and if you liked this post, subscribe to my blog!

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