Little Things (or not so little) That I am Thankful For

My "colleagues" for this afternoon - luckily, they're quiet so I can get a lot done. :-)
My “colleagues” for this afternoon – luckily, they’re quiet so I can get a lot done. 🙂

This has been a really unique week. While everyone else had a three day weekend last weekend, I worked Sunday and Monday, but the end result is that I have Friday off and the weather this weekend is supposed to be on the warmer side. Dare I say, even “tropical?” because it may even hit 50 degrees here in the Boston area. Woohoo! So you know what that means ?? That’s right, RAIN!

1. I was able to talk to someone after a long period of time, and get some closure this week. I didn’t hear everything I wanted to hear but I got more than most people get and at least I had the opportunity to say some things myself. Cleared the air. I think I’ve learned more about myself in the process too.

2. I finished another chapter for my author, so have been able to send another invoice. She’s also sent me a new one to start working on, so that’s part of my plan for this weekend. Yes, another weekend of work and volunteering at the animal shelter. Do I live an exciting-beyond-words life or what? Well, at least this freelance work is helping me accomplish some goals, and making this author happy with my work product makes me feel good about myself.

3. I already knew I had some really good friends, (both near and far) and a really good sister but this week, they just proved it once again. I hope you all have at least one friend or sibling, who, when you ask if they can talk with you, without a moment’s hesitation, the answer comes through, loud and clear, “yes.” You keep reminding me of who I am and what I am working toward. I need that, believe me. You know who you are, so thank you.

4. Someone that I know has a one year old boy, and this week, he had surgery on his brain, in the hopes that it will stop these seizures he gets, somehow related to a stroke he suffered during childbirth. While he’s in intensive care right now, the doctors think he is doing well and his parents are sounding upbeat. This couple (the wife, in particular) has gone through so much shit in their lives, they deserve to be extremely happy and to have a really healthy little boy. Luckily for  him, he has strong genes, because to go through what they have gone through and still be able to smile at times, they have to have really strong wills and attitudes. They are loved by many, so many prayers have been said and positive thoughts sent this week.  It’s really fitting that the little guy has the name of a famous angel.  I swear, this kid is going to grow up to do amazing things.

5. Last night was my first night working at the gym. Only a 3 hour shift, but it doesn’t seem so bad and at least I will see what working in a gym is like. Before I embark on a completely new career path, I need to make sure I really like it. And believe me, I know, training someone and working at the front desk are two completely different things. But at least I can get a different perspective on things, and talk to trainers, get their advice, and most of all, learn from them. The gym has a new trainer who started just this week, and I never used my three discounted sessions I got when I first signed up. So I will be using them with him – I’d like to learn from him, and also, help him by letting other folks working out see him working with a gym regular.  Oh, and the girl who trained me is super nice, so that is really helpful. All of the people who work there seem really friendly and full of energy.

6. I was the lucky recipient of much chocolate this week at work, all from unexpected people, as gifts. Since I am a chocolate addict, I was in heaven.  I never expected such kindness.

7.  A friend of mine is beginning the work on her own “small” or “tiny” house. She showed me a picture of what it will look like when it’s completed, and wow, it is just gorgeous!! She said I inspire her with all the pictures of tiny houses that I show. Well, I guess it’s a gift that keeps on giving, around and around it goes.  🙂

Is there anything you feel especially thankful for this week?

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2 thoughts on “Little Things (or not so little) That I am Thankful For

  • Thank you again for the reminder to be grateful. Today I’m thankful for good friendships as well. Having the right people in your life do help make a difference. I know it has for me. I’ll also keep that little boy in my prayers. Have a great weekend too!

    • Thank you, Kelvin. So many complete strangers to that little boy are pulling for him. It is so good to know that there is some decency left in this world with so much more crap going on and being done to people, and animals. God, the right people in your life – you are soo soo right.

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