Little Things for Which I am Thankful

Although I was quite grumpy this morning, I do feel like this was a good week, overall. Feel like I am writing from a place of abundance, you know? (I just wish I also had an abundance of time to get everything done that I want to do!)

  1. Finally found out what is wrong with my stomach, and the good news is that it is totally fixable. I have something called diastasis recti, which is normally something pregnant or post-natal women get. Or, you can get it from doing exercises incorrectly. I think a large portion of my problem with the tummy and also my back pain is that I breathe incorrectly. I don’t breathe properly through my diaphragm like you are supposed to. So, in a way, it’s good that I have this problem. I’ve thought about having my target audience of clients be middle aged women, who will likely suffer from this problem. Consequently, it will give me more insight into their problems and how to fix it.
  2. I am taking an online course about planning your way to mortgage-freedom. The teacher is quite hands-on, which I absolutely love and the class is very involved in the discussions. We have a lot of writing to do on our own, and we can share with the group if we want to. I think it’s really, really helping.
  3. I started training another friend this morning. She calls herself a founding member of the Chubby Buddy Club, lol.   I am grateful that she’s willing to put in the time with me, and also that I am finding I really love helping people feel better about themselves through exercise and fitness overall. This tells me I am on the right path in life.
  4. It is finally, FINALLY beginning to feel like springtime with temps expected to rise to the 50s. It’s not a moment too soon, believe me.
  5. I am hoping to finish yet another chapter for my author this weekend, which always makes me feel good.
  6. I have some really good friends in this life who have been keeping me focused on my goals and dreams, and they always help to pick me up when I start getting frustrated that it’s not happening soon enough.

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