Little Things for Which I am Thankful

A sure sign of spring - Baby O is wearing only one layer!
A sure sign of spring – Baby O is wearing only one layer!

For some reason this week, I have felt pretty tired most of the time. I even slept in an hour later this morning than I normally do and decided to take another day off from working out. We had a pretty grueling workout with my training small group the other day so I’m giving my body some time to recover. My workout yesterday morning was pretty crappy. I guess as you get older, you get smarter. Or at least that’s the way I’m rationalizing my decision to not work out this morning!

1. This week was the first week where things have actually felt like spring is really here. More sun, temps in the 50s. THANK GOD. (Today it’s even supposed to hit the 60s!)

2. I was asked to cover extra hours for a few different shifts at the gym this past week. Might be part of why I’m tired, but I will appreciate the extra funds going into my tiny house/land fund, for sure.  And as of next month, because I work there, I’m free!!

3. I heard from my author yesterday and she was super pleased with the work I did on the last chapter. (She’s had some personal stuff going on so I’ve had a bit of a breather the past few weeks, which has definitely been nice.) She said to not delay sending an invoice so, ok!

4. I am now training three of my friends. It motivates me to learn more and more about the personal training field because I am so concerned about not having them get injured while in my care, and learning new and creative things to teach them, while still helping them with their bodies and morale.

5. Selling both my dehydrator and my wheatgrass juicer and kit to friends! Earning cash and getting rid of stuff I don’t use – two win-wins!

6. Last but NOT LEAST, I have finally hit a milestone in savings for my tiny house. It feels DAMN GOOD!

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2 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  • Yep…Spring is in the air! Glad the weather is finally warming up. Congrats in reaching your milestone for your tiny house. You are killing it with the extra hours, no gym fee, book, etc. Keep going!!

    • Yep, and I now plan on paying off the balance owed for my NASM certification that I am studying for now. So that frees up about $120 more per month to pay on my student loan!! I heard it was like 80 with you guys one day and then was supposed to go to 30 the next day!

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