First “Long” Run is in the Books!

I use “quotes” around the word Long in the title because hopefully soon it will feel like just a warmup. Today it felt like just a regular run, with one exception. It was the FIRST of my new marathon training Saturday runs!!

Some of you know I used to write a running blog at Middle-of-the-Pack Girl (yep, it’s still up) and I started that when I was running again on a consistent basis. It was a blog I kept to keep my family informed of what was going on. Before long, I had met some other runners online and we started cheering each other on with our running goals. Mine soon became to run a marathon, which I did, back in October 2008 (Maine Marathon.)  Today, I felt like my pace would have made me more Back-of-the-Pack Girl, but unlike 6 years ago, I didn’t let that bother me. It’s weird, the emotions I felt today getting ready to run, and during the run.

Things I Learned:

  • This old girl’s legs take about 1.5 miles to get warmed up. Once they’re warmed up, I can keep on going like the little train that could, even if they are tired from the workouts of previous days during the week.
  • There is a store called True Runner about 5 miles from me that has a group run every Saturday. They sell the Hoka One Ones!!

Things I Remembered:

  • How much I despise the humidity of the east coast. I have asthma which is allergy induced, but in the humidity, I definitely feel the effects. Since it is pretty much raining right now as I write this, you can imagine it was humid this morning. However, as I know from last time, I just need to grin and bear it and realize i will run slower on humid days. And it will take me a while to adjust to it and to the heat when the heat of summer comes.

Things I Wished For:

  • Today’s run was only 5 miles long, so it wasn’t as much a factor, but I remember when the runs got longer and longer in 2008, I really appreciated having a runner partner. Her name was Lis and if you read my older blog, you would have heard a lot about her! She has since run a few more marathons, but we live about an hour from each other, so I’m probably not going to be able to run with her again. I will just work on building my mental toughness in running alone this time around, unless I can find a good running club to join.

Things I  Liked and Was Grateful For:

  • Although it was a bit humid due to the impending rain, it was overcast. Overcast is my FAVORITE weather to run in. (On second thought, I’m not sure that “overcast” technically equals a kind of weather, but you get the point. I tend to feel like a wilting hydrangea when the sun is bright and overhead.
  • I was running on my own schedule, not that of a group (which is one reason why I may not join a running club to help with my training.) I love getting out there early in the morning and being done with my run before most people even wake up for the weekend.
  • The softness of the running surface around the reservoir behind my apartment building.
  • My new Hoka One Ones!

Last but not least, it was just a  really good feeling this morning, knowing I am starting the beginning steps toward another goal. Knowing I was getting up and knowing there was a reason behind this run. And feeling what it was like to run again on the weekends. I haven’t done much of that over the past year or so, so it was a good change.

This is the beginning of another Simple Dream. I still have all the others – getting out of debt, my tiny home (in whatever form it takes), taking care of my animals and others out there that need help).  It’s just an additional one.  I hope you all don’t mind if I start to write about it from time to time. I found it really helped back when I was working on my first marathon.

Have a great Saturday and weekend, everyone.

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