Little Things for Which I’m Thankful

Been a very busy week, so no writing until now, and yes, I’m even a day early! Please enjoy the pic of my little HoneyBun taking a big, BIG yawn!


1. Been working extra hours at the gym this week and since I had a lot of time saved up at my full-time job, I took some half days and full days off this week. But I still get paid!

2. With all I’m juggling, to say I was amazed that I got a good performance review at work is an understatement. But it was even better than last year’s, so I am very happy with that. I am usually at my most productive when I have the most on my plate.

3. I have a roomie for part of the summer and my animals are totally loving her! I’m sure they get lonely during the day. When I came home from working out this morning, one was on her lap, another was right next to her, and yet a third was at her feet on the bed. It was super cute. It’s nice to have someone around since I’ve been on my own for about 4 years now, in July. Her mom is helping me with some rent for her, so I’m planning on taking that and throwing it at my student loan. (Truth be told, I would have let her stay with me even without the money, but like I always say, every little bit helps!) And it forces me to clean up after myself a bit more, which is always a good thing. I also realized it makes me more productive in the mornings, as I don’t lollygag as much as I otherwise would, because I don’t want to wake her up. (I tend to take my sweet time waking up in the mornings.)

4. I’ve been cat sitting this week to make some extra cash. The lady lives super close to me, so it’s not a hardship, and her kitty is super cute. Within three days he was super snuggly with me, and she said that’s amazing because it took months for him to warm up to her like that. I guess I’m the “cat whisperer!” LOL  (Either that, or more likely, he is just super lonely without his mom being home.)

5. The corrective exercise science stuff has finally started sticking in my brain. Which is great because I need to take the certification test soon! I get three tries before the end of July. And my online physiology and anatomy class ends soon with a take home exam. Only thing is, I’m behind so I’ve got some work cut out for me to do this weekend. Thankfully, it’s the holiday so I have two days off.

6.  Got another chapter to work on for my author!! And this one is a good one, for sure. So, I definitely have my work cut out for me when I take everything into account that I have to get done in the next five or six weeks, but as a friend reminds me, it’s “all a means to an end.”

And that is as good of a segue as I can come up with to end this post! Have a great holiday weekend, everyone, if you are in the US!

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