Little Things for Which I am Thankful

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1. I haven’t fallen off my bike yet today – woohoo! Hey, it’s the little things, folks, the little things… (Explanation  – I have fallen off of my bike the last two days in a row. I’m just glad I only got a bruise or two, and no broken bones.)

2. I was able to go to a Perform Better Functional Summit last weekend in Providence, RI. For the most part, the speakers were very good. A couple were impressed with themselves, but I’d been warned of those two egos before I went, so I wasn’t surprised. But honestly, I obtained a wealth of information and met a few very nice people. I’m sure that as with every profession, there is a lot of competition but  can I just say – it was so nice to sit at a conference in really comfy clothes!!

3. The other night, my roommate and her boyfriend were cuddling with little baby Osito and they saw what they thought was a mole on her so they asked about it. We looked closer and it was a tick! So that reminded me to put her Vectra on her (it’s better than Advantix/Advantage? because it also protects animals from mosquitoes.) I’m just glad we found it, and she was such a trooper when we took it off of her. I’m just grateful my roomie’s boyfriend was there to help get it off. I don’t know what I would do if my little O were to get sick or get lyme’s disease. I’d be crushed.

4. The last few days have been so gorgeous outside, I can’t even describe it. It’s made me realize that what I do love about living around here is the greenness of spring and summer. So, it’s helped me decide that I will most likely be looking to move to Washington State when I make my move west. Coincidentally (or not) but I reconnected with an alum of the law school where I work this week, and she is in Seattle. So she gave me her thoughts about the place, and especially the winters.) It’s extremely green there, there are mountains everywhere, and the winters are nothing like the brutal cold and snow that we get here. I can deal with the rain – I actually like rainy days dispersed among the sunny ones, because it makes me appreciate the sunny ones all the more. Btw, the picture above is from my regular route with Osito in the evenings.

5.  My roomie and I are motivated to help each other follow our dreams. We’ve got our goals on the wall, which we have even labeled with signs, “Wall of Dreams.” It’s a reminder everyday as to what we are working toward. We just have to remember to also live for and be happy with the present.

6. Speaking of the present time, or is it near future? A friend of mine gets married tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to seeing the culmination of her months of planning and stress! It’s going to be a casual affair and I know a bunch of people going, so it’ll be fun. And I’ve already found someone to hang with who also doesn’t dance!

If any of you reading this have lived/do live/traveled through Washington State, please let me know your thoughts! Is it good for the fitness industry? What did you think about the weather? Good things you can tell me about? Bad things? (I know there are a few of you who have already planted this idea in my mind….)

I hope you will all have a great weekend. If you’ve liked this post, please  hit like or subscribe, or leave me a note!



15 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  • I lived in Washington state all my life, except the past year (now living in the U.K.). I lived on the east side though, so it’s not quite as green and we get snow. lol. I love visiting the Seattle area and I have friends and family who live there. For me, it’s too many people, horrible traffic, and an extremely high cost of living so I probably wouldn’t willingly live there LOL. But if those things don’t bother you then you will love it! 🙂 People there tend to be very active and into the outdoors so I’m sure the fitness industry does well there but of course there’s lots of competition. Really the west side doesn’t get that much rain (Chicago, Miami and Dallas all get more rain)… and they have beautiful summers. Some people can’t cope with the week after week of cloudy days in the winter. Good things: quite a bit of culture, great food, lakes and mountains near by, professional sports teams, major airport for travel, lots of things to do…

    • Thank you so much for all of this info! I can imagine around Seattle, things are definitely expensive, so I don’t mind living a bit out of the way in a smaller town. Actually, some place smaller would be a nice change. And I wonder if the cost of living could be close to Boston? 🙂

  • Glad to know you haven’t fallen off your bike today. I love your “Wall of Dreams”! It’s a beautiful concept. It’s also a wonderful thing to partner with someone who motivates to dream big. Keep up the good work Terri. Happy Friday!!

  • I went to school in Seattle and it is still probably my favorite place to be (and I’ve moved around a lot…) It really doesn’t rain at all in the summer (an occasional mist is all), and though being outside in the fall rain in Seattle is probably the coldest I’ve been (which says a lot, considering I grew up in Alaska), it really doesn’t rain as much as people say. What depresses people most about the weather is the constant overcast skies in the winter–it’s as if there is a low ceiling over you all the time and it can be a bit claustrophobic for some. But the people are great, there is always something going on, you can find good coffee on every block without having to resort to Starbucks or DD, and nature is always just a very short drive away. Highly recommend.

    • I’m so glad to hear all this good stuff from people. I am not necessarily thinking about moving to Seattle, but it’s good to hear what people think about it. I’m sure there are lots of bedroom communities around there, etc. The part about nature being a short drive away is the big draw for me. And I think as long as there isn’t a ton of snow in the winter, I can deal with the overcast skies. It’s the combo which makes me feel like I need to hibernate that makes me need to leave the northeast weather.

  • Terri, i look forward to your posts every week. You inspire me. I love your “Wall of Dreams” as well, and it’s great that you and your roomie can share that. Till next week…

    • Aw…thanks, Ginny. I’m so glad you like these posts so much!! I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to write much else! Btw, you looked great when I saw you last week. I like the long hair on you! 🙂

  • I think the weather is awful, but I’m from CA and know tons of people here who think it’s great, especially people from back east. There’s lots to explore here! I love all the islands and taking a ferry places. You can go to canada by boat! I haven’t done that yet though. The cost of living is way lower than at home so for me that’s a bonus too. All of the fresh seafood is delicious, especially the salmon and the Penn Cove mussels, an affordable! I consider myself a perineal tourist since I don’t plan on staying here forever, but it’s definitely a fun place to be right now, there is always something to do! It’s a fairly safe and clean city, too. I walk around alone in the dark a fair amount and have never felt uncomfortable. I have many friends who are here for good, though, and they are really happy with it.

    • Thank you so much for all of this info – I remember on your blog your saying you didn’t want to stay permanently. Well, if the cost of living is lower for you, it probably is for me too, being in Boston. It’s just ridiculous what the rents are here. And buying a house? Um, forget about it if you are a single girl like me…. I don’t eat seafood but I do love the ocean. And I’m glad to hear you feel safe there, that is definitely important.

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