My Winter Jacket is Hot Pink! (READ: Live your life!)

A little one that makes me smile every day, all day.
A little one that makes me smile every day, all day. This photo was taken by my friend Gail of Warmest Wags Pet Services.

There, I’ve said it. I’m a 42 year old woman who wears hot pink and is super proud of it. I don’t care what others think. And it’s so liberating!!

I was thinking about this this morning as I waited for the bus (after yesterday’s miserable bike rides back and forth to both jobs during the pouring rain, I decided to not ride in today with the temps in the 30s and the winds in the 20-30 mph range.) I got this jacket last week for $20 at a consignment shop when I was home with my mom in upstate NY.  Some might think I got it for the name on it (Calvin Klein) but really, I could care less. I would never pay for the name on anything!  I just knew I needed a warmer jacket than what I already had, and that it needed to not be made of animal products, and that would last me for this one winter season. Let me make that, my LAST winter season in the northeast! 🙂  And this jacket fit the bill. Made of all synthetic materials, will keep me warm (until it gets EXTREMELY cold and then I have another jacket I bought (with tags on) for $30.  I know it would have cost me about $200-300 if I bought it brand new. Score!

Seriously, how many people do you see walking around in warm winter coats that are all black? If I were to look and take a tally while on the bus, or on the T, I’m sure about 80% of the people would be in black. How depressing is that? And, more importantly, why?? Why all dress the same? Why all follow the same path in life? Go to work (which you may or may not like, most probably would say “not”), come home, eat, watch TV, sleep, get up, eat, and work out or get ready for work, and then commute to work. Repeat, more times in your life than is healthy.

You know what? When I look at that jacket, it makes me smile. It helps me to realize how far I’ve come and especially in the last year or two in growing and becoming more aware of what inspires me, motivates me, and makes me tick.

You know what? When I look at all of my five cats and my dog resting contentedly in my apartment, I smile. A lot of people would term me a Crazy Cat Lady because of how many I have. But I don’t care. They make me happy.

You know what? My ex boyfriend broke up with me for a few reasons, one being the different way we viewed animals. (He hunts, and thinks it’s ok to have a working dog like a hound stay outside all the time — luckily, for the dog he has now, he lives much further south.) Whereas at one point, I took his breaking up with me as a negative judgment on how I live my life and what I choose to care for and consider important, I now feel gratitude that that comment made me really take a hard look at my life. It made me realize you have to know what you feel in your heart is right. You need to know what touches you and gets you really fired up and makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.

What got me out of bed this morning was knowing that this afternoon I was going to be able to volunteer and learn about livestock animals. I met a horse, several chickens, a pig, and some goats and sheep.  I learned how to put the halter on the horse, how to lead it and also petted her quite a bit. She is about 15.2 hands tall, dark brown all over, and just has the most gorgeous brown eyes, and her name is Fancy.

One of the sheep came up to me and clearly wanted to be friends, as she let me pet her! Some of the goats in that paddock are very shy so it’s going to be my goal to get them to be more comfortable around humans. I figure, I can bring a warm thermos of something to drink and possibly a good book, and if I stand still long enough, they will become curious about me. If I can show them I’m not going to hurt them…they say that animals react to the energy you put out, so hopefully my energy will be one of calm and love and acceptance. Yes, even while cleaning up after them (READ: ahem, picking up poop, lol.)

I also heard from my local vet’s office last week about my inquiry into volunteering with them. They asked for my resume and availability, so I sent the resume off to them yesterday. Cross your fingers! They are part of the VCA animal hospital network, so I am hoping to see how a private vet office operates from an insider’s perspective, rather than as the person paying the vet bill. 🙂

One of my friends commented on my last post that I should do what makes me happy because people are going to judge me nonetheless, and that’s what I’m doing. And that is what I am hoping I can encourage all of you to do, if you haven’t begun doing so already!

Anyway, I just wanted to share how happy I felt this afternoon as I stood outside in the freezing cold but learned about something I think I am going to love doing.

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5 thoughts on “My Winter Jacket is Hot Pink! (READ: Live your life!)

  • When it comes to clothes, I agree with you 100%. I decided at a very young adult age, that I could not wear a suit to work. So all jobs that require you to wear a coat and tie, or suit, I had to rule out as potential careers. As a result, I ended up teaching Physical Education and coaching sports. When I started to look for other careers, as my teaching career started to wind down, I decided on a pet care career, and started my own business. Once again, no suit.. I wear shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes or sandals on a daily basis and that’s what works for me. When it gets cold, out comes my sweat shirts, but they are not pink…

    I will say, there are few social functions that I have to miss, as a result of choosing this lifestyle, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. My daughter is going to be getting married in about a year, and I have promised her I would rent a suit or tux for the wedding..

    So I say wear what you feel comfortable in, and don’t worry about being a trend setter, if that’s not important to you. I personally don’t care what colors people choose to wear.

    I’m so thankful that the world is made up of all different types of individual personalities. I’m glad people that choose to wear suits or pink jackets can, and I’m happy I can wear my shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. So continue to do what makes you feel good… Now when I see someone wearing a pink jacket I will think about your post… Take care…..

    • I’m glad it’s made up of different personalities, too. Too bad I didn’t come to that realization at an early age too, that I didn’t want to wear a suit. Growing up, a suit = prosperity and success to me. Today, I feel like it’s the opposite – a suit = slavery!

      Last year, I went into my closet and got rid of ALL of my suits. That’s right. All of them. I didn’t want to ever have to interview someplace again where something like that was necessary. And if things work out and I can be a vet assistant or vet tech, then I will be wearing pretty much scrubs every day!

      I wouldn’t mind chatting with you on email at one point about pet sitting!

    • Ramen, ha ha ha, nope I didn’t! I just got shown around yesterday and got to meet the animals (the pig’s name is Albert, and he’s super cute), but the real work begins on Saturday!

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