Little Things for Which I am Thankful

Friday, people. It’s Friday. Thank freaking god.

My office mate is now officially gone to her new job on the other side of the country. Although I love having an office space all to myself, it’s just not the same. We shared an office for five years. You get used to the other person’s habits and quirks and we used to bounce ideas and questions off of each other pretty regularly. She knew all the business stuff and she knew the foreign and international treaty stuff so it worked well. I would hear the words “securities, equities, stocks” and start to hear “wa wa … wa wa wa” (those of you old enough to remember the Peanuts comics, just think of the voice you would hear every time a parent was talking) and she felt the same way every time mentioned “treaty” so like I said, it worked. So I’ve been kind of bummed this week, but now it’s the weekend.

Remember how I said I thought I had lost my wallet for good at the Animal Rescue League and I feared it might be in the manure pile?? Well, someone found it, thank God. I finally got my replacement zipcard so now I can actually go to the ARL and retrieve my wallet. And that means I can go and volunteer this weekend again, so yay, back to picking up poop and petting animals!

Not sure why, but two nights ago, I rode my bike home from work around the same time I usually do. I feel like lately it’s been pitch black at night every time, like I feel like it’s midnight, it’s so dark. That night, however, there was a gorgeous sunset and I was able to see it reflecting off of/over the Charles River. Just beautiful.

My list is short and sweet this week – I’ll be very honest, I’m just glad this week is about to come to an end because I’m just super tired.

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4 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  • Glad you get your own office now, too bad you only get it to yourself for a short time before you flee south =) I still remember the Peanuts wa wa sound, there is a Peanuts museum not too far from here in Santa Rosa. I also listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas album each year so the Peanuts are near and dear to my heart.

    Good to hear the wallet was found and the goats did not get to it first!

    • Well, I have a feeling it will still take a while, unless we hire someone who is local. A person that isn’t local would likely take a few months to get settled from wherever they live, especially if they work in academia. Ah, love that you love the Peanuts, Ramen!

      • You might be over thinking your work exit. The next person will manage, they always do. I had 5 people retire last year from my dept. From a range of area manager to clerk. Their workload went away or was added to someone else. The next person will probably bypass all of your ways and do things their own anyways =) Its your baby, but let it go.

      • Oh believe me, i know how that game goes. And I will definitely let it go…’s all I can do to not get a calendar out, throw it on the wall and start X-ing off days…

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