I’m Alive!

My Max. You just wanna squeeze him in this photo, don't ya??
My Max. You just wanna squeeze him in this photo, don’t ya??

Sorry if any of you have worried about me over the past few weeks but a lot has taken place. I started school and was taking 11 credits of classes in addition to working about 42 hours per week. In short, it was too much. The five credit BIO class was killing me. It took up literally every single free moment of my time. And I found myself asking “how does my knowing about photosynthesis actually help me help animals?!” So I ended up dropping down to just 6 credits. Well, 7 credits when I start the Intro to Vet Tech class next week.

Winter scene on land I hope to soon take care of (because really, do any of us really own the land we live on?)
Winter scene on land I hope to soon take care of (because really, do any of us really own the land we live on?)

I went to North Carolina last week and think I found a place to live. And a little house in which to live. It will likely be about 396 sq feet and on a 2 acre wooded lot. Some of it will have to be cleared, of course, and I’ll either hook up to city water or dig a well (the lot is up an incline so it may be more expensive in the long run to connect to city water due to the size of the pipe, but we’ll find out about that as time goes on.  It’ll be a little bit outside of a small town outside of Charlotte, and I think it’s what I need right now. When I was down there, I went to the property one time on my own (I let the builder’s property manager know what I was doing) and just kind of wandered around a bit and listened to the breeze in the trees. A car passed, and once it was gone, I realized how quiet it was. And I thought of myself, sitting outside with Osito on my lap about a year in the future, just listening to the breeze and the birds in the trees.  It will be so different from how I live now, in a big city, in an apartment, but I think it’s just what I need.


Living in a smaller space will mean giving up or letting go of more stuff from my life, and it’s something I look forward to doing. Every time I let go of something else, it makes me feel lighter and freer.

I also met with two different vet offices when I was down there. One was a companion animal office in a part of town that I learned was not so great, by personal observation and by talking to a new friend (who feels like an old one, I am very glad to say.)  The other was an equine vet practice that I learned was a bit unusual due to its size and the fact that it actually had a vet tech. I guess a lot of equine vets don’t usually have their own vet techs. Usually, they rely on the horse owner and at most, have a receptionist.

<3 my Bonkers

So, my plan will be to try working with companion animals (with which I feel very comfortable right now) and volunteer with larger animals. I also found from talking to different vet techs that the hands-on experience is definitely more needed for me right now than to be taking a ton of classes through a distance-based program. I’m going to continue on with the classes I’m already taking and take a Medical Terminology class this summer, for sure. But I think the regular Bio and Chem can wait until I’m quite certain that formal schooling is the way to go and worth the small bump in pay it would give me as a result.

Just when I wondered whether I should keep my cat condo, this happened.  <3 HoneyBun!
Just when I wondered whether I should keep my cat condo, this happened.

I can’t wait for the next phase of my life to start. Until then, I’m going to save every penny I can to put down on the house and to make sure I have enough savings. I know my salary will likely be a third of what it is now and I’m preparing myself for that mentally. I may have some medical stuff coming up in the next month or so that will require me to spend some time out of work and if I do, I know it will be a good break to keep myself focused and on the positive, right track. (And who knows, maybe I will even have more time to blog?!) 🙂

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10 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  • I’m so intrigued! I love North Carolina and I love that you’re moving into your small space. There’s a novel here, I just know it! Please, please, please write it.

    • Oh Willie, thank you! Hey, once I have a slower paced lifestyle and a beautiful sight to look out on every day, you never know, I may write something…just a girl and her 5 cats and a blind dog…

  • I love how you go after what you want Teri. I know you’re a bit apprehensive about some aspects of the move but you charge forward. I admire that quality in you. If you live in the woods you can buy a harness and take the cats out for walks ; ) Sounds like a grand adventure . . . thanks for taking us along!

    • Thank you so much, Darris, you know that means a whole lot to me coming from you. And yes, I’m definitely scared about a few things (or more than a few things) but so far, I feel like it’s coming together the way it should be. I’ve met some really, really nice people down there. As for charging forward, it’s because I know I cannot sit in place and be able to look myself in the mirror, and every day it will get harder and harder to get out of bed. You know what I mean?

      That would be cool to see – me taking five cats on a walk! LOL 🙂

  • Glad you’re making progress and following your dream! I have been intrigued with the tiny house movement, so it will be interesting to watch how it comes together for you.

    • Dawn, I’ve been obsessed with it now for a few years. Ever since I moved into my studio, right down the hall from a 1 bedroom apartment, and saw how much CRAP I had held onto, I started getting rid of stuff. And wow, I still have stuff, even almost four years later! Yes, I’m very excited for the next stage of my life! (By the way, I’ve been reading your blog posts, although I may not always comment, because sometimes I’m reading it on my phone, and your posts written by Katie just crack me up! They’re hysterical.)

  • Looks like you just can’t escape that white stuff on the ground….Too bad I don’t live on that side of the country, I always wanted to play Paul Bunyan and chop down a bunch of trees =)

  • You’ll be right around the corner from my folks who retired to just outside of Charlotte! I’ll let you know the next time Russ and I plan to be down. Congratulations on this next phase!

    • Oh yay!!! So see, first you went to Boston, and then I went there many years later. Now your parents go to Charlotte, and I follow them a few years later! We were meant to know each other, Kate!

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