Never Stop Being Amazed

My grandmother died back in 2002, and she was definitely my best friend and soul mate. I don’t think your soul mate is necessarily the person you find to be with, but can be someone who you just feel a certain connection with, that you can’t put in words. That’s how it was with us.

So, think back to 2002. The internet was not nearly as developed as it is today. I remember trying to explain the concept of email to my grandmother. I think I failed horribly, btw. But it’s pretty amazing to think of all she saw in her lifetime. Born in 1908, she lived through two world wars and a horrible great depression that shaped the way she thought about possessions and money, as well as my mom’s thoughts on the matter, and in turn, mine. During her lifetime, she saw something other than birds take flight for the very first time. She saw a man land on the moon. She saw the Berlin wall come down. She saw this new “thing” called the internet. It makes me wonder what else can be invented by the time I leave this earth. And yes, I cut her a little slack for not understanding my “post office in the air/sky” kind of description to how email works. She had already taken in enough.

Flash forward to today. I think of the internet and I am amazed at how it has changed my life. I’ve met many people online – some through my previous blog, who I still talk to today and have met in person, and hopefully will host a third online friend for the Boston Marathon (Jill Will Run). I’ve met people in online classes via facebook (KEB) and also in person at tiny house workshops (BH) that have introduced me to others (ahem, BSG) (I also wouldn’t have known about the workshop without the internet.) Some online friends have really been helpful in giving me advice about my diet, and simple living. (DBN and JWT) I can’t thank them enough. I’m a total sponge – ready and willing to soak it all up. I will never get to that point in my life where I think I know everything (um, did that when I was a stupid teenager), and if I do ever get to that point, you all have permission to call me on it and kick my butt!

Most recently, I joined an online facebook group of people who live in NC and like tiny houses. Amazing how it has changed my life – through one of them, I found out about a builder in a small town outside of Charlotte, and now that tiny house dream I have been harboring for some time, is finally going to be a reality. In fact, when I was talking to the project manager (LB) over lunch, I found myself thinking “I could be friends with her if I just met her on the street, too.” I really liked her forthrightness.  Another person (QD) introduced herself to me in that group, saying she is from about 45 minutes away from where I live now.  And when I met her in person, I tell you, it seemed like I had known her forever. That’s rare. And a third made a trip to meet me in person to tell me how proud she was of me for what I was doing, making such a big change in my life. (BLL)

I met one person (DO) on youtube, with whom once I started talking, I felt very comfortable.  He always gives me candid advice, as he has no motive to do otherwise or blow sunshine up my butt. And that’s what I really like about him. His honesty. I would never have “met” him without the internet. Hard to believe.

Of course, there are those of you who I have “met” on here, on this blog, and some of those relationships have translated over to things like facebook or email. (JN, CL, RG).  I learn from all of you and I appreciate all the comments and support. I find writing on here to be cathartic. Some days, I start writing in my journal and then I think, no, this is something I need to share with others. I’m not alone in feeling this way.    

This is not to say that I think online friends of mine will replace my in-person friends. To the contrary, I think they just add to my world and I hope I contribute back half as much as I receive. In fact, when I think about moving from this area, I think first of my best friend. She is so much like a sister to me. I knew she felt the same way when her husband said to me “you can’t move…you’re going to be an Auntie this summer!”  (I already knew she did, intuitively, but it still felt good to hear that.)  Her dad asked me the other day how I would feel about leaving the life that I have created for myself in Boston, and she and her family are a HUGE part of that world. But I will always have them in my heart. And I just know, this is what I need to do now, for me. At one point, even the baby bird has to take that first step and see if it can fly.

So, I’m not sure where I am going with this post, but I felt the need to write it. If I have left anyone out, it’s completely not intentional. I will blame my foggy-headiness to my being sick and congested.

How has the internet changed your life? Are there people in it that never would have been without it? 

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9 thoughts on “Never Stop Being Amazed

    • Thanks, Kristen. I know I can – I just have to keep covering that little voice of fear that occasionally peeks her head around the corner. I WILL make it happen.

  • I feel the same way about the Internet and about you sweetie . . . SO excited for the next chapter of your life! I have a feeling this will turn into far more than just a move for you . . .

  • When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon I was scrunched down on the bench seat of our Ford pickup with my ear up to the crackling speaker behind the seat to listen to the radio broadcast. Now they are training a team to go to Mars and I listen to playlists on a flashdrive plugged into the dash of my Jeep blaring out of six built-in speakers. Participating in the “blogosphere” over the past two years has introduced me to a wealth of wonderful and like-minded folks I would never have known existed – many who I consider good friends now.
    Great post Terri, something I’m sure everyone can relate too!

    • it is pretty amazing, isn’t it, Jodee? It’s amazing how the world has changed since I was born. I’m the last generation to be born that hasn’t always known computers (you know, I’m Gen X, us slackers!) Do you remember hearing a song on the radio you loved, and you would run over to the radio to hit record on your tape as fast as you could??

    • Jodee, so sorry! I thought I had replied to your comment the other day and now it doesn’t look like it posted! Isn’t it amazing to think of how much the world has changed? I’m from Gen X so I didn’t always grow up with a computer, and I think you can tell a difference with people like us, and the folks who have never known life without one. Yes, I have found the blogosphere to have been really good to me. 🙂

  • I don’t like the internet. Waste too much time on here and it has made shopping way to easy =) But if there were no internet, I would probably be wasting 8 hours a day watching tv….

    • Agreed, shopping is too easy on the internet, but that’s why you have to use self control! 🙂 Hey, it’s how you and I met, through the internet! 🙂

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