Massachusetts Humane Lobby Day, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and decisions on dreams

I feel blessed when I see something like this.
I feel blessed when I see something like this.

Tomorrow is Massachusetts’ Humane Lobby Day. The day that a lot of animal lovers and activists descend onto the Massachusetts State House, and the Animal Rescue League of Boston is one of the organizations that will be represented. I was there last year and remember that there were some awesome speakers who totally galvanized the crowd. I remember looking around and feeling like “this is my tribe. These are a lot of people who are like me. People who love animals.”  Last year, I had taken the day off from work to go. It was really heartening to see so many others had done the same. And of course, the adoptable pets that were brought that day were super adorable. There will be more again tomorrow. If you’ve never heard of Humane Lobby Days, and might be interested in taking part in one, check out this link, because they are held all over the country.

I am planning on going tomorrow since I’ve taken it easy the past few days after my mistake of walking so many miles on Saturday. My body let me know on Sunday that it would prefer I take it a bit easier still so soon after my surgery. I should be ok to sit, stand and walk around the statehouse and talk to people. After all, walking is the best thing you can do after you have abdominal surgery like I did.

I saw my surgeon last week for a two week follow up and he said I’m doing really well. He actually thought i was healing faster than he expected so I guess that means my incision site looks good. He said that I could doing more than just walking within another ten days to two weeks, so needless to say, I’m chomping the bit to get out there and join the ranks of the runners around the reservoir! (And to my defense, he did say that he thought I could ramp up my walking a bit after I saw him. I guess I took him too much at his word.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

In other news I have decided to take a vacation trip to the southwest. I am going to volunteer with the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary while I am out there and visit Bryce National Park while I am out there.  (I have already been to Zion.) So far I have signed up for three days of volunteering with them, in various parts of the sanctuary so I get a good taste of it. I’ve found a place to stay and am just waiting for confirmation on the dates I’ve asked about, and am hoping to take little Baby O with me on the trip. The good thing about a town whose largest employer is an animal sanctuary? It’s super animal and pet friendly! If Osito doesn’t go with me, I will likely volunteer to take a shelter dog home with me for a night (the place I want to stay allows that.) Oh, and another thing? Best Friends has an on-site cafe that serves vegetarian food!!

I’ve also decided to not pursue the tiny house in North Carolina anymore. I was starting to get very stressed about how much it was going to cost between the down payment and closing costs, and wondered if I would have enough of a cash cushion to pursue my dreams there. And a small part of me felt like moving someplace south, but still on the east coast, was somehow “safe” in that it was still somewhat similar to where I am now. Yes, NC is a bit different culture wise, but it still kind of looks the same as this part of the East Coast.  And while I had met some very nice people down there, including the builder and the project manager who I have been thinking of as a friend, I was worried I might not find a lot of people who would be willing to understand my vegan lifestyle, etc.

So now it’s part of why I want to go to Best Friends. I’ve been thinking more and more that what I want to do, what my heart truly wants to do, is work at an animal sanctuary. I’m good with animals and I’m good with people, and both are really important abilities or skills to have. They have several job openings, some of which I think I’m qualified for, and they also offer internships that you can apply for (unpaid, if for five weeks.) So I’m seriously considering that route too. So wish me luck – I’m going to apply.  It’s also completely different – geography wise and more – from what I have grown up with, but it’s a topography that always makes me feel like I can just “breathe.”  I’m totally jumping outside of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be more excited! This is how you grow, right?!

I think you know something is your calling when thinking about something brings tears to your eyes but they are tears of joy. That’s how I felt tonight when I walked around the reservoir thinking about all of this, and it’s when I snapped the photo you see above. (The reservoir never fails to provide good photo opportunities.) I’ve saved my butt off for the past year and before that, paid off a lot of bills, so now I can take this leap with a bit of a cushion underneath me.

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10 thoughts on “Massachusetts Humane Lobby Day, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and decisions on dreams

  • My mom is a big supporter of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. She’s been wanting to go there. Maybe I should plan a trip!

    Glad to hear you are going with your gut on these important, life changing things!

    • Thanks, Jan. I realize that too many times, I’ve ignored it and I’m not getting any younger, you know? You should totally go out there!! You can even stay on site but the place i will be staying is less expensive and in the town of Kanab.

  • I think you’d do a great job at the sanctuary! 🙂 I’m going there this coming week, actually, for All-Staff (yearly staff get-together – only a few people from each remote location get to go, and I was lucky enough to get picked this year!). And if I can get hired at Best Friends with my ARL volunteer credentials, you sure can!! Cat people are in high demand 🙂 Sanctuary living isn’t for everyone (it would be a bit too secluded for me), but I think you’d enjoy it, even if it’s a temporary move. And if you’re applying for jobs there, always feel free to throw me in as a reference! Also, if you want to chat about the org or what it’s liking working in animal rescue v. volunteering, I’m available 😀

    • Thank you so much, Liz! Please take pics and post them of the sanctuary and the area! I actually am so ready for a change from big city living. When I look at pics of big cities like where I am, I just think “ugh. more of the same.” I would love to chat with you – I will be in touch, for sure!

  • Terri,
    I wish so much luck!! I read a book once that said if you are stressing about things in a bad way, then it is the universe’s way of saying this is not for you. Hopefully the Sanctuary works out!!! I still want to catch up sometime 🙂

    • Kim, I want to catch up with you too – you’re out of town the next few weekends, right? And I agree with what that book said – I think it was my gut or something telling me, hey this isn’t the right decision.

  • Nice post Terry. Still reading your post but haven’t responded much. Helping my my brother with some carpentry work and getting some maintenance done on my camper van. It’s coming along. Just about ready to hit the road. Glad you’re healing from your surgery.

    • Gary, I can’t wait to see it – I need to make sure I’m getting notifications from you on facebook – if I accept someone from my phone, it doesn’t automatically happen, which is a big annoyance. Do you have pics of it on there?

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