New Header Image – what do you think?

It’s from the Grand Canyon – just a taste of what I will soon be blogging about!! Let me know what you think! (And yes, I am loving being out in the southwest surrounded by so much beauty!)

8 thoughts on “New Header Image – what do you think?

  • That must be the north rim, right? I’m touring the south rim in Oct. Not sure if I will hike below to the river, the donkey ride down looks like the method I’ll be taking =)

    • Yep, it’s the north rim. The south rim is about a 230 mile drive away from there, making it about 300 from where I live now. So you would also stay overnight at the Phantom Ranch? I don’t think you are supposed to do it all in one day.

      • No, no overnight expeditions for me. I don’t have such deep pockets. I don’t even bother to tour the grand lodges at the national parks when I’m passing thru. Its just a day trip down as far as those mules will go. I am splurging for a balloon ride in Albuquerque, thats my destination before GC.

      • Ramen, you should get the annual pass for the national parks – I got it for $80 and it has already paid itself back to me. The GC alone is $30 to get into. A balloon ride, now that sounds cool!

      • Didn’t realize how much the GC entrance fee was. Good thing I bought an annual pass before the summer. I’ve used it at 6 different places already =) Over in Oregon, you can use the National pass at a lot of the state parks. Over in California at the state parks, thats a no go. A California annual state pass cost more than the National pass =(

  • Terri, I’m sure you’re finding the mountains in the west a much better place to live than Boston. Personally, I like the green Appalachian mountains of the eastern US better than the western mountains, but all mountains are better than Boston.

    Now you’re out in the real world where you can enjoy life and look forward to getting up in the mornings.

    • Yes, Jerry, all mountains are definitely better than Boston!! I love the fresh clean air. The ability to get away from it all within a very short time. Just having all these gorgeous national parks in my backyard is just amazing. I guess, for me, having been on the east coast for so long, I was really ready for something different. Well, I got it! And I love it.

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