Tuesday Thoughts, Thankfulness, and Totally Awesome Links

This photo was taken while on the Panoramic Cruise around Lake Powell yesterday. Enjoy!
This photo was taken while on the Panoramic Cruise around Lake Powell yesterday. Enjoy!

Why Tuesdays?  Well, I know on Monday we all have to get back to work. By Tuesday, we’ve caught up and if we work in an office, we might have some time to take a few moments and check out blogs or whatever else we like to surf on the net. So, I hope that this post will be a good distraction for you and if you’re reading it in the morning, help you get your day started on a good note. And I promise to keep them short!

They will include some new links of possible interest to  you, thoughts about things for which I am thankful (it used to be its own series on this blog, so this is my way of bringing those back to life), and possibly different perspectives to help you get through the day. Hope you like this new series!

By the way, if you need some cuteness overload, check out my new blog page: The Herd. Yep, there you will find pics of my awesome furballs.

  1. If you’re sitting at your desk, and not  loving your job, think of it this way – you are earning a paycheck, and outside of work, you can work on changing our work situation. Spend some time updating the resume, or take time to research into other options, even if it’s only on your lunch break. If you feel stuck, take at least one small step today to make yourself unstuck. It’s empowering. Trust me. For me, I’m grateful to at least have money coming into my life that allows me to put a roof over my head and that of my pets. I just need to stay disciplined, and it can help me to save money for my new future that I’m envisioning right now.
  2. I’m very thankful that my family (my older brother and his family) have been able to travel to the southwest for a week. They are spending a few days in Lake Powell, and then heading to Flagstaff on  Tuesday. I’ll be hanging out with them for the day!  It has been over a year since I saw them.
  3. As I’ve been trying to gain control of my financial life, I’ve started seeking out others who write about this field and came across some awesome podcasts: Budgets and Cents, and Martinis and Your Money.  Both make me feel like I’m listening to a conversation between friends, and I’ve definitely been binge listening! The latter had an amazing episode called Frugality for Depressives. Having struggled with depression, it really hit home and the lady she interviewed had some really insightful comments.
  4. Sometimes you need a little inspiration or to see beautiful things to help you get through your day – I hope you enjoy these two photography blogs that I’ve just added to my links (can’t believe I didn’t do it before): Adventures of Dorrie Ann and Joyfully Green.
  5. Like I said above, check out the newest page on this blog, The Herd!!

As I said, I want to keep these posts brief, so I hope you will all have a good Tuesday!  If you have anything you are thankful for in your life right now, please feel free to drop a line below and let me know what it is! And if there are some good links you want to share with others, please do that too!

As always, thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts, Thankfulness, and Totally Awesome Links

  • What a delightful surprise to see my blog mentioned in yours! Thank you !! ;->

    I clicked on The Herd, but got the dreaded 404 message at each instance as noted in your piece.

    Virtual hugs,


    • Thank you to you and Jerry, I just got to a place today where I could fix that link so it should be good to go now! And your’e welcome re. your blog – don’t know why I haven’t mentioned it before! Your food pics always make me hungry!

  • Terri,

    The link to “The-herd” in the heading works, but the two in the text don’t work. You left a dash out. Change the link from Theherd to the-herd. In other words, add a dash between the and herd in the text links and they will work.

    You mentioned, “Getting through the day.” I know with depression, that can be a problem, but maybe try thinking about all of the things you can do with your time. I always have way more things I want to do in a day than I can get done.

    I think of life kind of like riding a bicycle. As long as you’re moving and trying to go somewhere, you don’t have any problem maintaining your balance. It’s when you stop moving and stop trying to reach a goal that it’s hard to maintain your balance.

    Remember that Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame) didn’t have much problem with his depression for 2+ years as long as he was on a journey with a mission. But when he returned and didn’t have a mission, he committed suicide.

    It’s important to stay on a mission. I think you have that mission now.

    • Jerry, lately, I think of all the things I can do in a day and I’m excited and wondering how to get it all done! That, my friend, really is a good, good thing. And I think you are completely right and think my friend Dan would heartily agree with you. I’m on a mission. I definitely always need one to work on.

      Btw, I had no idea about Meriwether Lewis!

  • Loved the pics of “The Herd”. Our Wally loves to do what Max does, roll over on the side and back. He then wiggle and pulls himself along!! Lake Powell pic is beautiful! Be well!

    • AW…that’s so awesome! I know when they sit on their backs like that, they are very relaxed and happy where they are. And yes, Lake Powell is beautiful, just way too remote!

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