Musings with Morgan: God-ZILLA!!!

So many of you were so nice to me after my mommy let me write a post last week that I decided to tell you about something really scary that happened to us last week. But before I get into that, I want you to know that even on a scary day like we had, it was still MY BEST DAY EVER!! Because I got to spend time with mommy, and I got outside and we took a drive in the car!

My mommy says one of the drawings reminded her of a kangaroo.  Um, what’s a kangaroo?

My mommy took me to some place called National Petroglyph National Monument so I could sniff out a lot of smells and she could look at pictures drawn on rocks with rocks. Or, at least that’s what she said had been used to make the pictures. Who knows? All I know is there were LOTS of smells, and I was on the constant lookout for bunnies or road runners or snakes. (Shhh…don’t tell my mommy I was looking out for snakes, because that would totally FREAK her out!) I was doing my best to protect her, which is my job and something I do well. Usually, I protect her from cars driving by, by lunging at them, or from outdoors cats, who I also try to lunge at, or hot air balloons in the sky. Even though they may be miles away, they can still HURT us, you know?! I have to protect my mom!

So, anyway…we went to the visitor center first to find out about the trails, and luckily, they have two trails on which you can take dogs like me. I waited in the car while she went in and it felt like seven years til she came back, but eventually she did. It’s always the BEST THING ever  to see my mom again when she leaves me. I don’t ever want her to leave me. It’s why i sit right in front of her most nights when she is home from work and working on her computer or playing on her phone.

Mommy thinks some of these drawings look like aliens. Um, what’s an alien? 

So yeah, where was I? Ok, a nice lady at the visit center drew on a map for mommy so she knew where to drive to. The national monument has something like 35,000 petroglyphs in it, and mommy said it’s like 17 miles long. She said some of the pictures are from back around 1300 and she kept saying “can you imagine, Morgan?? So long ago, people were HERE!!??” Um, do I have to point out to her that I’m a dog, and I have no concept of time? All I know is that every time she leaves me, I feel like it’s FOREVER until she comes back!

As is my usual custom, I decided to take a poop soon after we started walking. I say soon, but it was far enough from the beginning of our walk that my mommy then had to carry it in a bag for the rest of the way. Hee hee hee. I always laugh when she gets stuck doing that. I think it’s super funny. But she just sighs….Btw, did I mention how proud I am of how badly my poop stinks?! Because I am.

Finally, a picture of me!! I’m trying to cozy up to Baby O. How come she has such a large bed for such a small body and the bed I had to sleep on was so small??! Not fair!

My mommy took lots of pictures, but she decided to only show a few to you with my writing. She told me some are drawings of animals, some are of other people, some are of what look like alien faces, some are what she calls geometric shapes, and some of them, well, no one really knows what they are. But she thought that they were cool. As long as mommy was happy, I was happy.

My mommy had decided for us to start back on the second half of our walk when I heard IT. I mean, I HEARD IT! Mommy said something like “Morgan, why are you pulling all of a sudden?!” Couldn’t she see it?? Couldn’t she hear it?!?? It was plain as day! I could hear it come from at least 7 miles away! There it was – GodZilla!!! And it was coming closer and closer and closer to us! I decided right then and there that we were gonna make a break for it, and started RUNNING! I mean, RUNNING! My mommy had no choice to follow me! But it kept on coming! And coming! Faster and faster! My mommy was trying to keep me on a path, but I was not gonna have any of that – we had to get out of there and FAST! GodZilla was coming for us and it was gonna KILL US!

Me and Baby O are expert sleepers. I’m just so glad to be able to sleep every night in a home. I love my mommy for giving me a home, so much. ❤

I ran into some bushes and my mommy saw that I had even come partly out of my harness. She basically dove on top of me at one point to get it back on, and kept saying “Morgan, it’s ok…it’s ok….” and I was still a bit freaked out, but GodZilla seemed to be floating away from us. It went over what my mommy calls a “crest” in the hill near us and then I didn’t see it anymore. That’s the only time I let myself relax, just a little. GodZilla was gone and I had saved us. Mommy just didn’t understand what I had done.

When we got back to the car, I was still a bit freaked out. I climbed into the front with mommy and sat down on the floor in the front on what she calls the “passenger’s side.” I didn’t even want to drink any water- all I could think about was our getting out of that place and being safe with my mommy again. She told me that what we had seen was not GodZilla (I think she’s wrong) but really just what she calls a hot air balloon. All I know is, it was evil and it MUST BE DESTROYED.  What would my mommy have done if I hadn’t been there to save her?!

Mommy got super excited when she saw this one – why? I don’t know. All I know is, God-Zilla showed up after she took it!

My mommy insists on including some pictures of me and my brothers and sisters in this post – please try to forgive her as she just can’t help herself. But I gotta say, writing this post has been exhausting and I need my beauty sleep so I’m gonna fall asleep now, right at my mommy’s feet which is my rightful place in this house. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Thank you to everyone for being so nice to me about my last post. I’m really liking this dictation thing! Until next time, slobbers and kisses!!!

Mommy calls this “cuteness overload.”






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