My long-term goals

Notice I didn’t call these resolutions!

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I came to the end of a journal I have been writing in this year, and came across a page on  which I had written a list: my long term goals. I knew at the time I had written them down that it was necessary to get them on paper so I could keep myself focused at times when I might feel tempted to do something random or spend money on something that doesn’t align with those goals.

I thought I’d share my list with you.

  1. To be able to write and educate/inspire people.  To use writing as my job.
  2. To be able to live simply, but comfortably.  By comfortable, I mean being able to keep a roof over my head with enough income to be able to provide for my expenses and that of  my animals.
  3. To have a tiny house and a garden that I can tend to and grow a lot of my own food.
  4. To live close to the water, even if it’s a short drive.  While being close to the ocean would be amazing, I’m realistic enough to know my budget probably can’t support that, so being near a lake or some other large body of water would be fine with me.
  5. Have that tiny house be somewhat close to a decent size town.  Doesn’t have to have a million people in it like ABQ, but I don’t want to have to drive 75 miles to the nearest town from where I live.  Been there, done that.  It was so depressing to me and I felt so isolated.
  6. Save enough money for retirement so that I don’t have to work until I’m in my late 70s like my mom did (she just retired this past year.)
  7. Be able to save enough money so I can see my family more often.
  8. Be able to look back on my life and think “Yes, I did make this world a better place.”

Writing down this list made me think of items or experiences on which I place a lot of value, and prompted me to write down “why I save.”  I’ll share those with you in future posts so as to not clutter this one up.

Please drop me a line and let me know what are some of your long-term goals.  How do you want to go about achieving them?  (And as always, thanks for reading, and please share if you know someone who might enjoy or benefit from this post.)


7 thoughts on “My long-term goals

  • “Simply” put, great list! You and I have similar lists but I did not add writing (as in “making a living”?) because I don’t think it’s realistic for me.

    • Thanks, Karyn!! Well, it may not be realistic for me either but I want to put it out there in the universe. Makes me more accountable. And you’re a good writer, don’t limit yourself.

    • LOL, yep, maybe! How about selling your photography? You have a lot of talent. I definitely think you could be successful doing it!

  • All very good goals! Two and four sound particularly nice and I can relate to number six. I’m saving hard to avoid that as well.

    I will post about my 2018 goals soon, but I haven’t written a post like this one about long term goals. I’m so hyper focused on getting out of debt in the next couple of years that I have a difficult time looking beyond that time frame. It will be a good thought exercise for me to make my own version of this.

    Thanks for sharing, Terri! Happy Holidays!

    • I kind of consider these long term goals to be ones that will take more than just one year to achieve. And I think you are doing an awesome job at killing your debt while saving at the same time. It’s hard to do both.

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