What do I value and why do I save?

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I feel like these two questions are interrelated (at least for me) so I’m going to try to tackle them in one post.  When I thought about my long term goals, these questions inevitably rose up in my mind.  And because I love that feeling of opening a journal and finding a blank page and then covering it in ink, I started writing a few lists.

What do I value? (not in any specific order)

  • independence and me-time (to create, to think, to just be content)
  • time in nature
  • exercise/physical fitness
  • eating food that is good for me
  • family
  • my animals (and all the other animals out there)
  • writing and being able to express myself creatively
  • reading

I just noticed something – money doesn’t show up in that list.   Hmmmmm

But now here is the list of why I save:

  • so I can buy a tiny house to provide shelter for myself and my furbabies
  • so I can buy some land on which to put my tiny house
  • to be able to write more often and eventually be able to be more of my own boss
  • so I never have to face my phobia of being homeless
  • so I won’t have to work for the rest of my life and can eventually retire

Yes, I have a phobia (or very strong fear) of being homeless.  And living in Albuquerque, there are reminders of this possibility at so many intersections, with people holding signs asking for money or food.   I think the fear goes back to my early childhood, when my parents got divorced and our income was so drastically reduced at the drop of a hat.  It’s a fear that came back full-force when I thought of leaving my husband back in 2010, and ultimately did.  I think it’s a fear I will always have somewhere in the back of my mind. But it’s a fear that also helps to reinforce to me what I do value and why I save money with every paycheck.

What do you value?  And why do you save?  Do  you see the two as being interrelated? 

Please drop me a line below and share your thoughts.  And if you know someone who might enjoy this post, please share it! Thanks, as always, for reading.





10 thoughts on “What do I value and why do I save?

  • If you ever get to the point of designing your tiny house. Please let me know if I can help with anything. I will try to do whatever I can.

    Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

    • Thank you so much!! Right now, I”m in the saving phase, and will most likely try to buy some land where I can have something legally. So I’ve been checking out landwatch.com. Awesome site!

      Happy New Year to you too!

  • I like tiny homes too, though I think I want one a bit larger than the typical tiny house, and I think I want real plumbing. On a lot of land, with no neighbors within sight or sound.

    On the other hand I’d like a large piece of land with several tiny homes on it so all my college roommates could each have their own when we get older, and then we could check on each other, take care of each other if need be, eat some meals together but still have our own space. That’s a totally different concept then the first one.

    On the third hand I want a RV so that I can travel across the country, moving whenever I get bored, doing photography as I go. Totally different than the first two ideas.

    And on the fourth hand I’d like to retire to the little lake house our family has and explore from there.

    I guess I don’t really know for sure what I want!

    • I think that’s totally fine – you can totally change your mind as you go along in life – isn’t it a woman’s perogative to change their mind?

      Part of me wants to live someplace warm, but another part of me wants to live in the pacific northwest. So I’m kind of in a “who knows what I want” frame of mind too!

      Happy New Year, Dawn!

  • I save so I have more options. The more money I have the more freedom I feel. If I do not like my job I can easily move on and not have to worry about a paycheck immediately. If my car brakes down I can fix it. I just like the security that comes with money.

    I value my time, especially when it comes to spending it with my family. I love that more than anything.

    • Sounds like your priorities are right where they need to be!! And I totally get you on saving so you have more options. It’s why I try to save out of every paycheck, especially for my retirement.

  • Keep it up, and a happy new year.
    We’re also out there also looking for a place. though not saving much..

    • Daniel, where do you live? And are you looking to live in a tiny house, or something else? (My apologies for the delay in responding – I didn’t realize I hadn’t approved your comment until just now.)

    • Thank you!! I try to remind myself of that all the time. Money certainly doesn’t buy happiness, it buys a little comfort. And I’m finding I need less and less to be comfortable, the older I get.

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