Moving to Florida!!

beach 1.jpgThat’s right, I’m moving again!!

My last day at work will be May 15th, and my plan is to start driving eastward on May 17th.  I am so excited to be near a large body of water again, you have no idea!

I won’t keep you in suspense — I am going to be working at a humane society in southern Florida, on the Gulf side, or as they call it there, the “West Coast.” I’m going to be providing animal care to the animals directly, which includes bunnies!! I am also going to be working in adoption, which I have really missed doing since my time with the Animal Rescue League of Boston when I volunteered in cat adoption.

No, I don’t have experience living through hurricanes, but I’ve seen my fair share of blizzards, and well, at least you don’t have to shovel rain. 🙂

Why move back east?  Well, I have now fulfilled a bucket list item of mine, which is to have lived in the west. I used to think I had to live on the west coast, California, to be exact.  That didn’t happen but I have  lived in the southwest now for just under three years.  The landscapes out here are amazing.  Such a feeling of openness.  I have met some AMAZING people everywhere I have lived in the past three years, people that I will always call my friends, and thanks to Facebook, I can keep up with them and what’s happening in their lives.

Living in the desert or very arid climates takes some getting used to.  I have found I really miss cloudy days and days of rain, because you appreciate the good weather days all the more.  I also really miss green.  It’s part of the reason why I have tried to go to the Bosque so often while living in ABQ.  The woods reminded me of back east. And of course, there was the Rio Grande, the only large body of water around.

School is finishing up over the next few weeks, and there is no shortage of transcribing work, so I’ve had some long days over the past few weeks.  While the new humane society is giving me a stipend to move, I won’t get it until I receive my first paycheck, so I’ve been trying to save as much as I can, and work as much as I can right now.  The animal hospital is quite busy (it’s parvo season in an area of the country where it doesn’t get cold enough for that nasty virus to freeze and die.)

Once again, I plan on moving with just my car and the car top carrier.  While you look online and see smart cars towing trailers, etc., they’re really not meant for that.  A Mazda2, technically speaking, could have a trailer put on it, but I don’t want to pay for a hitch and trailer and then have something happen to my car as a result.  While it is a stick shift, it’s a 4-cylinder car and you can tell when it’s loaded down with possessions or lots of people.    It slows down.  And nothing I own really has much monetary value.  My most important items I want to move with are my pets and the urns from my pets who have already gone to heaven.  And pictures of my grandmother.

Morgan is going to stay with my roommate, who she adores.  When he’s around, I cease to have so much importance in her life, and she follows him around like, well, a lovesick puppy.  It’s actually very sweet to see.  And he clearly loves her.   I know it’s for the best where she is concerned — he can give her so much more attention than I can.   And they are calming influences on each other, but still I’m going to really miss her.

So it will be me and the cats and Snuggles making the 4 to 5 day trip.   I suspect Snuggles will spend most of the trip on my lap as Osito did a few years ago.  (Now if only he didn’t weigh about four times as much as she did!)

I’m excited at the idea of living in the same state again as my best friend and her husband, my “movie theatre husband.” 🙂   In August, they are moving to the eastern side of Florida but will only be about 120 miles away from me.  An easy drive!

I’m excited to start fresh again.  To purge what I don’t need and move with only the essentials. I suspect all my sweaters will not be making the trip with me, as will many other items.

So, I will do my best to keep blogging over the next few weeks, but during the move, I suspect this blog will stay pretty quiet.  Driving by myself, I can only handle 400 miles a day or so.  Anything more, and I start to get very sleepy while driving and that’s not safe.  I’ve built in a cushion of time for me to arrive in Florida and get what little furniture I need from neighboring thrift stores.

beach 2.jpg

In case you are wondering, the photos above are from one of the beaches only a few miles from where I will be living.  On the day I was there, the water temperature was like bath water. 🙂

More updates to come! Until then, thanks, as always, for reading!

18 thoughts on “Moving to Florida!!

  • I am excited for your new adventure! I wish you the best. I hope you find the cutest, brightest little cabin or ‘flat’ or studio apartment that exists and that you love your new job ❤

    • I have found an apt – it’s 462 sq feet which was the smallest I could find, actually! So many of them in that area are just huge, like 700 or more square feet and I really didn’t want all of that. That size will work just fine for me. I looked for studios but again, they were super hard to find, so it’s a one bedroom. And I think I am going to really love it!!

    • Thanks, Dawn, Yep I am starting to figure out a whole lot of things these days. I definitely will keep everyone updated!

  • Wow – that’s awesome. I’m so happy for you! It’s also very inspiring. I’m considering that it might be time for me to make a big move somewhere. But then I remember that most of my past moves haven’t worked out that great so then I think maybe I shouldn’t risk making yet another wrong decision. Seeing you be so bold and adventurous makes me think maybe I should be too. Especially since I’m not getting any younger – Ha! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear how it works out for you and the fur-babies. Congrats on this new chapter in your life!

    • Vickie, I get the trepidation you feel. I have looked back at my last few moves and realized they were right for me at the time, given the info and circumstances I was dealing with at the time. They have each taught me something (or multiple things) about myself and my life and what makes me happy. And no, neither of us is getting younger. That’s actually part of why I make decisions now and act on them. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings. 🙂 You can do it, Vickie, you just have to believe in yourself.

  • I could written Vickie’s comment word-for-word. Ha.

    Congrats on making things happen for yourself! Very cool! I wish you and the herd (minus Morgan) safe travels and can’t wait to hear more about your new digs and environs once you are settled in.

    • LOL, so many of us feel like Vickie does, I think. Like I said to her, you just have to believe in yourself. There are no wrong choices. Just ones that lead to ones that might be “better.” 🙂

  • Wow!! I’m very happy for you! I’m super jelly that you were able to live in all the states I wanted to haha. Utah, AZ, NM and now FL….

    Glad you’ll have a chance to work with wabbits again. Every time I see rabbits around, I always think about the sanctuary and that nickel tour you ran. Those were a lot of bunnies and a lot of poo =)

    • Yep. a lot of bunnies and at least 360 poops per day for each! I am happy to be able to work with bunnies again too. Hey, you can go on another epic road trip to Florida!

      • I won’t be doing a road trip around FL anytime soon but I will be there in Sept or Oct for the haunted houses in Universal Orlando. I’ll cover your tix if you want to come along. Don’t be a wuss lol. They’re having a Stranger Things themed one too.

      • Believe it or not, but I’ve not seen Stranger Things! But yes, hit me up when the time comes and I may just join you!

  • We have been in Fort Myers area a few times. That’s at least the gulf coast area! Watch out for Gators!! Wishing you and the Herd all the best!

    • Thank you!! I have heard I should be cautious near any body of water, that’s going to take some getting used to!

  • So today was your last day at your current job, wow! You deserve to be happy. I’m glad you have something lined up and you’re off to a nicer climate.

    California is super expensive and overrated. High taxes / cost of living, congestion… Then again I’ve never lived there, I

    Totally agree with you on the Mazda 2 for doing any type of carrying. I hit my head on the doorframe of my friend’s 3 just trying to sit in it. Guess I’m just too big for em lol. Make sure you leave early, charge everything up and have your route planned. Last but not least, drive safely!

    I’m excited for you and looking forward to more updates. 🙂

    • Thank you! And yes, as you can see, I’ve been busy since it has taken me all this time to check out my blog again and respond to comments! I do plan on blogging more regularly. Just trying to get a routine down. I did have the car all checked out before my trip and had a few things replaced, like spark plugs, serpentine belt. All for a very reasonable charge by an honest mechanic – yes, they do exist!

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