Limiting Beliefs; How Nature Heals

First, I just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who commented on my last post, whether it be through here or on my personal Facebook page. I felt a lot of love, knowing some of you were still out there, reading whatever I have to say. So, thank you. Because of you, and how I felt that day after writing, I will continue to write.

This is my happy place.

I have a friend who is also my personal finance accountability partner, Liz. When we are thinking of making some financial choices, we bounce them off of each other. Our financial situations are very different – she lives in D.C. and makes a very good salary and JUST PAID OFF MORE THAN 100K IN STUDENT LOAN DEBT! But as you can imagine, her living expenses are much higher due to the geographical area. I make peanuts but we realize we have made different decisions about how our lives are going right now. I will say it’s great that she also loves what she does.

There are a few of these docks in this cove area but this one appears to be sinking. Not sure why they are there, honestly. You never see anyone on them. But note the stillness of the water.

Okay. I’ll get to the point. She calculated how much extra I needed to earn these next few months to be able to pay off what I estimate will be owed on my taxes. At first, I said I didn’t think I could do it. Surprisingly, this month, I think I did it. Yay! I had let my own thoughts limit me in the past in what I could achieve. However, I am FREAKING exhausted. So I have given myself today to not do any work at all. Just read, blog, and volunteer at the Peace River Wildlife Center, which has become my happy place on the weekends when I am not traveling to see my boyfriend.

I took a walk through an eco-preserve near me the other day. It’s a place where I normally jog, oh so slowly. Thursday is usually reserved for a spin class at 9 a.m. but my body and mind was just exhausted so I decided to just walk it and I was so happy to pull into the parking area and see that I was all alone, save for the park employee cleaning the bathrooms. I hope you enjoy the pictures scattered throughout this post. These images, seared into my memory, helped me get through the past two days of work. Apologies for not being a better photographer.

Wherever I end up after this lease is up in May, I will find another beautiful place that heals me. I was inspired to take this walk after seeing this YouTube video from Jane Berkel. Her channel is Simple Living Mind Body Home. I find Jane’s voice to be so calming. (Shout out to Double Digit Single Woman or DDSW for short, for turning me onto this lady’s channel. Btw, DDSW has also paid off over $150K in student loans!)

While I was walking, thoughts of work and finances occasionally made their way into my head but I pushed them out of the way. I thought to myself how nature, these trees, these leaves and the birds I could hear in the distance didn’t care about any of that. They existed anyway. Like that moment many years ago when I realized I could choose to be unhappy and feel a lot of pain every day, or I could choose to forgive myself for whatever wrong decisions or mistakes I had made, I realized I had a choice to make that day and every day.

The choice is mine. I can choose to be stressed or I can choose to be in the moment. I chose to just absorb all the beauty around me.

My attempt to take a close-up of the rainwater and dew that had collected on top of the leaves.
Note the upturned roots of the red mangrove tree in the water. Mangroves are so important to the southwestern Florida ecosystem. So many animals make their homes in this small area.
Many of the trees have these “knots” or burls on them. They don’t harm the tree. The tree will die from natural causes. They are thought to have formed from either an injury, or a mold or insect infestation. But again, they do not harm the tree. (Sorry for the awful quality of this photo!)
Here you can see how well-developed the mangrove tree’s root system is, as well as see many more of the burls mentioned above. While the bark of this tree may not look red, it is very close to the shoreline, so I believe it is a red mangrove tree. So named because its inner bark is red in color.

11 thoughts on “Limiting Beliefs; How Nature Heals

  • Hi Terri!! I am glad that you are going to continue to blog…I think it is theraputic and important especially for people who live too much in their head (me and ?you). I love the very first strongly reminds me of sections of the Appalachian Trail.
    And, if you don’t mind some advice: I don’t know anything really about your life and time constraints but it does sound like you suffer from chronic stress (or maybe only sometimes..I don’t know)…but, I would advise that you take a break from work daily and go out for a walk – anywhere. We get so consumed with our ‘work’ and what we ‘have to get done’ that we plow through thinking that we will get more done but, conversely, that isn’t how it works: we become tired, stressed, unmotivated and ultimately feel bad/negative and none of that helps. I’ve learned to make ME the priority because, as the flight crew instructs us: if you don’t take care of yourself first (oxygen mask), you can’t help anyone else. I make sure I get enough sleep, I get outside even on work days – a short walk, even if it’s only the parking lot (however, we have woods/trails right on campus that I can sometimes just walk into for a little way) for sunshine, fresh air, quiet, visual stimulation of mountains, sunshine on green trees, sunsets, and blue skies and white clouds or snowfall…I don’t care as long as it’s nature & I’ve learned to just say ‘no.’ I suggest for the month of February (it’s short) set yourself regular sleep time and an hour or two break from work to recharge. Maybe you can notice a difference in production and motivation. Good luck and it’s great ‘seeing’ you.

    • Hi Karyn, I wouldn’t say i am chronically stressed, but I do tend to push myself too hard sometimes. I try to squish down the parts of my personality that are Type A but they occasionally rear their ugly heads. I did take your comment to heart and have been working on taking times out during my day where i just sit and listen to the birds while I am eating my breakfast or drinking my juice (I have a juicer and have been really getting into that.) And I have been trying to pay attention to the times of day when i am most productive and allowing myself to not be so productive during the times when my attention wanes. Humans were not made to sit and just work work work for 8 or 10 hours straight. And I do try to get to bed by a certain time every day and to get up close to the same time every day. And if I’m tired, i now find that a 45 minute to an hour nap can be a huge game changer. Thank you so much for your comment. It may have taken me a while to respond but I did take it to heart.

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