Letting Go of Stuff

Finally, spring has come to New England!
Finally, spring has come to New England!

My mom has recently become engaged, and now she and her fiancee are going through the house to see just what’s in it and what needs to be done before they combine households. Totally cool with that. Here’s the thing – my mom is a holder-onner when it comes to stuff. As in, she has found a medal wagon that my brother used to use when he was a child to get around. Um, my brother is now 40.  (To be frank, I don’t even remember what wagon she’s talking about.) Read more

Getting Rid of My Debt, Part 15 (Gaining Some Perspective on Looking Forward by Looking Back)

Yesterday, I had a few good talks with people whose opinion I trust. One is a friend who has known me for about 10 years now, and she’s always been one to tell me straight on things. She doesn’t sugar coat things, and that’s one thing I really like about her. I asked her if I was thinking about things in the wrong order – looking online at RVs and tiny houses, trying to figure out where to live, etc., without finding a job in those locations first. She thinks I’m narrowing my options down too early and also, most importantly, that she didn’t want me to give up on my dreams of a tiny house, or as she put it “half ass my goals.” And I respect her for that. She fears that RVs just are not meant for longevity, living-wise.

Then I talked to my financial adviser tonight.  I really looked forward to this meeting – what a change from a few years ago when I used to be depressed at my situation.

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