Getting Serious about my Debt, Part 1

Every little bit helps
Saving Pennies and Everything Else

I think that most people know and understand that it is much easier to pay off debt if you are married or in a relationship than when you are single.  When you are married, you have that second income to fall back on. At least, that’s the way it was for me until about three years ago.  Read more

It’s Simple, Really


If you had asked me even a few weeks ago what my dreams were, I think I would have answered you much differently than I would today.  I had even started drafting a few different blog posts but none of them really sat “right” with me and I wasn’t even sure I would start this blog. After all, I had stopped blogging over at Middle-of-the-Pack-Girl a few years ago when I felt like I wanted things in my life to go back to being more private. Why start up again? Read more