Getting Rid of My Debt: Learning from Others who are DOING IT!

I couldn’t sleep well the other night – kept waking up, and finally, at 2 a.m., just gave up and opened up my chromebook. I’ve started listening to some personal finance podcasts – not taking everything they say as gospel, of course, but just trying to keep an open mind about what others are thinking of doing, or have done, to improve their financial situations. (I’ve got a few linked on the right hand side of the page.)  And the other day, the Listen Money Matters! podcast interviewed a girl who paid off $28K in three years after she graduated from college. And no, she didn’t live at home, but she does live with her boyfriend so she is able to cut down on her rent costs. I started reading her blog, Debt Free After Three, and then it lead me to this other blog called Dear Debt, wherein people are encouraged to write a Dear John type of letter to their debts. Their debts are not limited to just student loans, but it seems like they are a big cause of angst and pain and frustration!! (Gee, I *think* I know what they feel like…..) Read more

Little Things for Which I am Thankful

I'm very thankful for this little muffinhead! Baby O!
I’m very thankful for this little muffinhead! Baby O!

It’s Thanksgiving week, so there is a lot to be thankful for. The roof over my head and that of my animals (two of which are sleeping very close to me as I start typing this post).  The great meal that I have been invited to with the parents of my best friend. The extra hours I am working at the gym tomorrow and Saturday to keep plugging away and adding to my savings before my big move next year. Knowing my brother is traveling to my mom in upstate NY for the holiday so he won’t be alone. Having an awesome niece in MI who I love more than anything else being able to text back and forth with me regularly, on her mom’s phone. She’s amazingly fast and correct when she types – none of these stupid acronyms that most kids use!  (Although, yes, I do use a lot of acronyms myself when texting, lol)

Now, what’s not so great about this week is that somehow I lost my wallet earlier today when I was at the ARL down in Dedham taking care of the livestock. I retraced all of my steps and couldn’t find it. The only thing I didn’t do was to go through the manure dumpster. It’s the only place it could be now, so if nothing else, I’m grateful for knowing my bank card won’t get used fraudulently. If it is in there, no one is going in to get it, trust me. Have you ever smelled rooster poop?? Good God, it stinks!!

Ok, so picking up rooster and chicken poop and horse poop isn’t the most awesome job in the world. But you know what? I love being with the animals. I loved hearing the roosters and the chickens cooing as I took care of them, and especially when their feed bowls were replenished. One of the other volunteers said “ohhh they sound happy….”  This morning, Fancy, the beautiful horse, came right up to me when she saw me (they had kept her in the barn overnight due to the weather). She put her head next to mine and I got to pet her face and give her a kiss. I was like “yep, this is where I want to be right now.”

I’m grateful for having taken the Scribie transcription test last week and having passed it! Now I can start to do transcribing on my own time and make some extra money for emergencies, etc. It will also make me keep my listening skills strong, and that’s never a bad thing.

What kinds of things are you thankful for this week and this holiday?