Little Things for Which I am Grateful

Osito - How Cute is She??
My baby girl, Osito, adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Dedham location. She’s 12 and blind, and just the sweetest thing.

I have been reading/following Josh Becker of Becoming Minimalist, for some time now. He has been posting many infographics on facebook lately that have given me pause.

So, this morning I was thinking of what I am grateful for, and thought maybe I should do it as a weekly Friday post (that will be my goal anyway).  So, here are a few, in no particular order.

  1. The beautiful breezes I was able to feel on my face this morning just before dawn when I took my little Osito out for a walk. She loves walks and the wind on her face. She’s blind, so I think she especially appreciates the feel of it.
  2. The perfect weather outside today – not too hot, not too cold, and no humidity. Perfect summer day.
  3. The grocer I will be stopping by to see on my way home, Johnny D’s. The produce is great, and the prices cannot be beat. For a vegetarian, the place is a gold mine. It’s one of those tiny little shops that is run by the owner and namesake himself who personally greets you when you walk through the door.
  4. My health which allows me to commute to work via bike, and the route on which I travel which allows me to ready myself on the way in, and decompress on the way home.
  5. My family and friends who simply cannot be beat.
  6. My animals who give me so much love every day, never expecting anything in return.

I meant to limit the list to 5, but I couldn’t leave out my pets. 🙂  Guess those last few things are not so “little” after all, huh?

Have a great weekend, everyone, and to all of you who have read through my blog during this first week, I thank you very much.  Some of you have told me how glad you are that I am writing again, and I so appreciated hearing that.

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