Little Things for which I am Thankful

  1. One of my cats is named HoneyBun. As her name suggests, she is a sweetheart, but she is also a bit shy. She was even brought into the ARLB as a stray with a Fix-A-Feral clinic. Just this week, she has started to approach me on a somewhat regular basis, for love ad affection. Before now, if I wanted to interact with her, I needed to go to her and initiate. The change in her warms my heart. 
  2. I was given a free session with a personal trainer at my gym this week. It was my second free one with her, and she is wonderful. I felt very comfortable asking her questions and feel like I strengthened my knowledge of proper form with several different exercises and I also learned a few new ones too! I consider myself to be in good shape but she really challenged me!
  3. Many mornings this past week, it has been very cool outside, almost autumn-like. I made sure to get up by 5 am last Saturday morning so I could go for a 10k-ish run and I was reminded of how much I love running and how it helps to clear my mind and focus my thoughts. 
  4. My friends invited me to swim at one of their parents’ houses this past weekend. I’m grateful they included me and it reminded me that sometimes I tend to keep to myself too much. I like my personal time but I don’t want to let too much time go by between visits with my friends. 
  5. I received the photo at the top of this post from the new mom of my one and only (so far) foster kitty, Tookie. He came to the shelter where I volunteer after having been separated from his best canine friend, and he has found a new one. His new mom reports that he and the dog, Po, really love each other. I fostered Tookie because of some unique letterbox habits and am so grateful to see him happy in his new home. It made the whole experience worthwhile. 
Last, but not least, someone took the time to leave a comment on my blog post from Wednesday, and it was from someone I’ve never communicated with before. I am grateful they took the time to leave me a note because I know we are all very busy.  If you leave a comment below, please know that they are appreciated and that I welcome the opportunity to converse with anyone reading this blog and sharing in my journey. 
Have a great weekend, and for those of you in the US, a wonderful Labor Day holiday!

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