My New Ride

Copenhagen bike by EG Bike
Photo courtesy of, from whom I will be ordering it

Well, I finally made it through my decision impairment and have made a choice. (Whenever there is a large amount of money involved, it can take me a long time to decide things.) After a LOT of research, I have decided to buy an electric bike, and I will be ordering it on Friday as soon as I get paid. Isn’t she a beauty? The place I will be buying it from is amazing. They offer memberships for repair which are very decently priced. Since they are in South Boston, and I am not, they offer concierge service for an extra $10. That means if I break down somewhere, they come and get my bike and take it to the store. And if I want it brought back to me after being fixed, or even upon its first delivery, they can bring it right to my door. NICE! 

With all my talk about getting rid of debt, you’re probably wondering why I would be willing to spend about $1k on a bike, especially when I could get a moped or scooter for just a little bit more. Well, most of them use gas as their means of fuel, and with gas being $3.73/gallon around here, I don’t feel like spending that, even if the moped doesn’t use that much. Also, there are less parts to fix with an electric bike, as I won’t have an engine or carburetor to screw up. And no oil changes! My bike will need tune ups! And Batteries! And recharging the battery through my electricity is so much cheaper! So much less $ in the long run!

Plus, I can still get exercise. Having an electric bike means I can have that power boost when I need it. As in, when I am riding up the huge hill at the end of my day on legs that are already tired. They have said it can be fitted with wheels I can use in the wintertime, so I can use it all year round if the weather holds.  And best of all, it will be paid for! No monthly payments. No insurance needed. No license plate needed. (No trips to the RMV required…SCORE!)

Have you ever thought of selling your car or using electric powered bikes?


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