Little Things for Which I am Thankful

My babies, Max and Osito. <3<3<3<3<3
My babies, Max and Osito. <3<3<3<3<3

Every week, in some way or another, I am reminded how fortunate I am. That’s a good thing.

  1. I met with a former student yesterday who is from a country that is pretty much run by a dictator. It made me realize how much we take technology for granted here, as well as our individual freedoms. I’m able to see my family whenever I want. He cannot.
  2. I met with my financial advisor yesterday and she told me my goals are definitely doable. That makes me feel so empowered. Just need to keep on staying the course.
  3. The other night, my cat Bonkers was making some strange noises and making these weird squatting stances. It seems to have cleared up, though, thank God. I really didn’t want to have to make an emergency trip to the vet where walking through the door costs you $150 and that’s before he even sees the vet. If it’s an emergency though, have no doubt about it, though. I will do it without question for my animals because they are everything to me.
  4. I have gone VEGAN this week, diet-wise. Threw out my dairy products or took them to work for others to enjoy if I knew the time lag between my place and work wouldn’t make them go bad. Now working on replacing my personal care products to be vegan friendly. (Oh, I also went through my clothes and filled up another trash bag with clothes that contain wool. I’m a tiny bit allergic to them anyway, so it’s the right choice in my mind.)
  5. My brother just ran his best marathon time EVER in Philly this past weekend. He smashed his PR by ten minutes. Oh, did I mention his old PR was already UnDER three hours?? That’s right. He is 39, and came in 9th in his division of men aged 35-39, as well as 90th OVERALL and 89th in his gender. (Yep, there was a female in that top 90. Wahoo!) His new PR is ….. Wait for it….. 2:45:31!!!! That is an average mile pace of 6:18. I’m so super proud of him! (And he has agreed to let me interview him for the blog….yay!)
I feel like every week, I am getting closer and closer to knowing my true purpose in this life. It energizes me to get up every day and to continue enriching my mind and learning from others.
What things are you most thankful for this week?

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