Staying True to My Heart

Since I’ve been single these last few months, I’ve had more time to think, and I mean really think. I sometimes look back to who I was just a few years ago and wonder if I’m the same person. I used to have what was called (to my former father-in-law’s coveting eye) the magical snack-cabinet. You opened it up and every kind of unhealthy snack could be found within it. I used to be content to watch hours of TV every week. I would work out a lot but if it wasn’t an actual running workout, I felt like I was kind of cheating for that day. And, while I loved animals (and still do), I was afraid to go to an animal shelter and volunteer my time because I thought it would break my heart to leave the animals behind every day. It still hurts, but I now know I’m doing something when I volunteer at the Animal Rescue League of Boston rather than just thinking about doing something.

Meet Buster - up for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA
Meet Buster – up for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA

Here’s the thing – I don’t feel like I am doing enough to help animals. Sure, I’ve adopted a few more over the past few years and while that helps those lucky few, it doesn’t help the hundreds of thousands or millions of other ones out there. While I was taking an online writing course, some class members thought that I was a strong writer and so that I should combine that strength/skill with my love of animals and try to give them a voice. So, that’s what I plan on doing.  I’d like to write more regularly on this blog, and I think it would be a good place to highlight some animal issues every week, whether it be highlighting an animal that is up for adoption, or some of the more touchy issues relating to animals. I may also touch on my life as a new vegan from time to time, because the main reason I chose to go vegan was to reduce my impact on their suffering. I know that, alone, it isn’t much. But multiply my situation by many and it starts to add up. I just don’t feel like I have the right to consume animal products. Not anymore.

So, I won’t lie and say I won’t post pictures that might be hard for you to look at sometimes. There are many times that I see something on Facebook and it makes me want to cry (and sometimes I do) but it’s because it has such a huge effect on me that I feel the need to do something MORE. This blog is about chasing my dreams, and one of my dreams is to help a lot of animals, including my own but not being limited to them. Writing is a skill that I have so I need to use it for some good in this world. This blog will just be the start of something that allows me to give a voice to those who don’t have one.

6 thoughts on “Staying True to My Heart

    • Hi Elizabeth, I did get it from my library and read through it – I’m sorry, I meant to let you know. I really liked it! Thank you for reminding me to start using it in practice.

  • I admire you so much for your loving spirit to animals. A five star for you. And, I am liking so much your blogs. Keep writing. You can touch and move so many hearts. You are born a writer. Congrats!

    • Grace, thank you so much. You know how much I value your thoughts about my writing. I really do hope I can move some hearts where animals are concerned. You keep writing too!

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