What makes us do this?

As I was riding my bike to work this morning, I was thinking about a picture I had seen posted on facebook. It was of many, many dogs thrown into what looked like a dumpster of sorts, and you could see that many of them had leashes or ropes tied around their snouts. I couldn’t tell if they were dead in the photo, but I hoped, that for their sake, that they had already crossed that Rainbow Bridge. The story connected to the photo told of an organized act that had gathered up these animals and then brutally slaughtered them. (Don’t worry, I haven’t included any gruesome photos in this post as I want to open up a dialogue.)

What I thought to myself was “what has happened to the human race that we can do this sort of thing to another living creature?” Even if you don’t think that animals have feelings like us humans, they do live and breathe. That is undeniable. So, how can a living, breathing creation known as a person hurt another living, breathing creation, with the thought of “it’s just an animal.” To me, there is no difference between us. And, quite frankly, I sometimes prefer the company of animals to that of humans. Animals don’t seem to have an evil part of their brain like humans do. They don’t seem to take pleasure in causing hurt or harm to one another. And, if an animal does hurt another animal, it’s a matter of life or death, i.e. predator vs. the prey. Some animals just aren’t herbivores. We as humans get a choice to eat meat or plants, and many of us do just fine without meat or animal-derived products in our diet.

This afternoon, a coworker and I were discussing the well-known rape of the woman on the bus in India a few years ago. She died as a result of her injuries from that attack. She asked the very question I was asking myself this morning: “what makes humans do things like this? What makes humans able to hurt one another like that? To hurt another living creature?”

I just don’t get it. I really don’t.   When I post or “share” photos on facebook of scenes that are hard to take, I know that I may have a friend block me. Personally, if they want to block me, fine, then I don’t think we’re really friends anyway. (I’m not one of those people that have thousands of friends on facebook. I prefer to actually communicate with people I consider to be friends.)  Those folks can always choose to just not get notifications from me if that’s the case.

I worry about the human race when I read articles discussing the savage behavior that we inflict on animals and on other humans. It makes me look for stories like this one where the bikers protect the kids from abuse and go to court with them to make them feel safe.

If you also worry about the human race, please drop a line below. If you’ve heard of inspirational stories like that of the bikers’ group, then please share those too.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “What makes us do this?

  • I honestly feel your pain. I am an animal lover, animal rescuer, animal activist and vegan. I often feel guilty because I like animals more than most people. How people can be so cruel to animals, beings of any sort, is beyond me. It is so hard to keep any type of faith in humanity because there are so many disappointments out there. We just have to stay strong, keep walking our talk, and try to find others that believe the way that we do so that we can continue the fight and not feel alone in the process. Please keep up the great work with your blog. We are with you!

    • Tammy, I tried to reply back before but I guess my comment didn’t get saved. 😦 I know people who have been involved in animal issues for a while usually need to take a break from time to time, for fear of “losing themselves.” I can definitely see how that can happen. But I think you’re right. We have to keep looking for others like us, and remember, every day is a new fight. We may not always win the war, but we can fight our small battles every day. If we don’t, then who will? Thank you so much for commenting, and for feeling the same way I do.

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