” Happiness is Not a Limited Resource” — Chris Aiff

I wish I could have the introspection and insight of the young man to whom this quote is attributed. I really can’t improve upon his wisdom and that of his family in the video below. The first time I watched it, it really clicked and as many people who have commented on it on YouTube said, it really affected the way I look at things. If we are unhappy, it’s because we make ourselves unhappy. We can choose to go that route, or to go the route of happiness. I choose the latter.

Please let me know what you think of this video. I watched it again tonight and it had a profound impact on me again. I’ll write about my progress that I usually note on Mondays on a later post this week.

Enjoy.  Even if you cry like I did the first time I saw this, I assure you, the second time through, you will be smiling at his outlook.

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