Little Things for Which I am Thankful

fall leavesThis has become my favorite post to write. It keeps me grounded in the here and now which is important, considering how much time I spend thinking about the future — my future job as a trainer (and who knows what else? maybe a writer? or animal rescuer?), my future house, my animals that will still be with me with I move and any new ones that may come along and bless me in this life.

Keeping myself grounded in the present, I am so thankful for the people that have come into my life these past three and a half years. If I had stayed married, I think my world would have remained small, and I wouldn’t have realized so many passions as I now feel in my heart and I wouldn’t have been able to learn from others like I have. My friends, both in real life and those with whom I talk online (and plan to meet in the future, you know who you are!) teach me so much every day. I am feeling very blessed this morning and my list comes from a place of abundance. 

  1. A friend of mine is an extremely strong writer. I mean, REALLY strong writer. She touches people with her words. This week, Salon retweeted an essay of hers at least three times in one day, which she said was unusual considering that she had written it last year. And she even received a notice from a lady who read her article who thanked her for helping her to not feel so alone. My friend has begun writing pretty regularly for the Huffington Post, and I am grateful she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Now if only she could get a book deal, she would be able to reach so many more out there. I have faith for her, it’ll happen. Good things are happening now, and the momentum is picking up for her.
  2. I am very thankful that I have a healthy body that allows me to work out and work out hard. I’m also grateful that I have finally reached a level of maturity that realizes, it’s okay to take a day off from exercising, occasionally, especially if your body is really sore. Because during that day off, that’s when your body actually heals and gets stronger. And that’s what I am doing this morning while writing this post. Taking some time off. Tomorrow is a Saturday and I will plan on working out then on my own schedule without worrying about having to make it to work at a certain time.
  3. My post about dating the other day must have struck a note with a lot of people because it got the most hits so far for any of my posts. Wow. I got lots of comments from others that made me feel thankful I had put myself out there and talked about a subject I normally keep more private.
  4. I received a note from a friend telling me how much she likes my blog and that she gets a lot out of it. She didn’t have to take that time to write to me personally like she did. But she did, and that means a lot to me. All I’ve ever wanted for my blog and my writing in general is to be able to speak genuinely from my heart and make connections with others. Because of that, I don’t hit “publish” until I get this certain feeling in my gut about what I’ve written down. It’s this feeling that says “this is right. You’ve put into words exactly what you are thinking.”
  5. I began reading the book, Inside-Out Simplicity by Joshua Becker last night. It’s only $2.99 on Amazon for the Kindle version, and at 90 pages, it’s a very quick read. One of the things he asks you to do is write down a list of “things I want to most accomplish in life.”  Lately I’ve begun actually doing a lot of exercises that books suggest for you to do, rather than just reading them over and then promptly forgetting about them a little while later. This list really made me feel grounded and reaffirmed my love for a few things – animals, fitness, writing, wanting to leave my mark on this world and really wanting to feel that feeling of financial freedom.
  6. The book I’ve just mentioned reminds you to also focus on the present moment, which is something I’m doing this morning, sitting on my new-to-me comfy big chair near my window, two of my cats near my side. I love this time of morning when everything in the building is still silent and I can count on my one hand the number of lighted windows in other apartments in my complex. It’s the beginning of a brand new day and anything can happen. (I choose to think of this as meaning “anything good” can happen.)

Today is one of those days where I feel like I could go on and on, but I’ll end it here and save the rest for another day, another post.

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12 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

      • I’m sorry to hear that, Kate. I want you to know, you’re an inspiration to me with how you’ve changed your life so much since we first met in Boston a few years ago. I keep thinking of you and all the changes you’ve made, and it helps me to keep on moving forward. You went so far out of what was probably your comfort zone to make changes. I’m going to do the same!

      • You’re so welcome, Kate. I feel like some of us were meant to meet each other virtually and then in person – you really do make me feel by your example that anything is possible.

      • I am. I wish the really big changes like the move to the west coast could happen sooner, but I know it will happen if I just keep the faith. I admit, I’m also scared of the unknown. Scared I won’t be able to make it at times, but then I think to myself of how I buckle down when I really need to. I have a stickie on my computer that says “tiny house” and “animals” and it keeps me centered some days. But yeah, patience is not one of my virtues most days!

  • Gratitude is a gift you give yourself that then gives back to everyone you meet ten fold . . . thanks so much for sending us to Tracy’s essay’s . . . love ‘Harley & Me’ . . . gutsy . . .

    • I totally agree, Darris. I think when you are grateful, you have a positive energy or aura around you and it attracts the like back to you. I think conscientiously being grateful for little things has helped my attitude on life so much.

  • Love your list again Terri. So many times we take things for granted…like our body/health. We wake up and go out the door without thinking…Thanks for the weekly reminder!!

    • Glad you liked it, Kelvin! I was feeling especially grateful last week when I wrote that post, I’m sure you can tell! My post has helped me to stop and smell the roses some days when otherwise I might not.

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