Little Things for Which I am Thankful

My boy, Sebastian <3 <3 <3
My boy, Sebastian

Hi folks, my apologies for the blog being silent this week. I’ve been really busy with the freelance research for that book I am working on. Sometimes I get really into the hunt for something and time just flies by.

  1. Tomorrow is the first of February. While that means it’s still winter, it means that the days are getting longer and that Spring will eventually return. Did my eyes deceive me or did it actually appear to be light around 5 p.m. this week??
  2. I am returning tomorrow to another self defense class known as Krav Maga, with my best friend. We had a ton of fun at the first one, and tomorrow they will use the “red suits” so it’ll be cool. We can practice in a way that allows us to use full-force or close-to-full-force so we can see how we might really react in certain situations. In other words, whether we are the type of women who yell or don’t yell. Can’t wait! (And yes, I pretty much think I’m one of those who will yell if the situation warrants it.)
  3. Got paid for my first invoice this week, allowing me to stock up on extra food for myself and the animals, as well as put some away in savings and pay my financial adviser for her annual fee so I don’t have to worry about it until next year!  As a bonus, I’m really interested in what I have been researching and the woman I am working is just, how do I put this, completely awesome?? She makes me feel so valued.
  4. I have had two training sessions so far with my friend who’s getting married in June. She said she was working through some of the exercises I gave her to do earlier this week and another trainer saw her and commented on how good her form was! That’s my girl!! So she told her about me and the other trainer said they are always looking for new trainers!
  5. Officially, I start working at my gym on Thursday nights as of Feb. 20th! YAY! (This would be extra awesome if it also means my monthly dues become free. Let’s hope!) It’s only 3 hours per week so far, but you never know, right? I will be training with the manager next week and as I get to know him, I will probably broach the subject of whether or not they are hiring trainers there, or what they look for. I just want to get a little bit more experience under my belt and also get a resume together that highlights my skills or experience, and tests/certifications passed.  So, yes, more studying in the near future for me!
  6. My nephew turned ten this past Saturday and I was able to share it with him!
  7. My friend’s essay on the Huffington Post keeps getting more and more press and more likes. I’m so happy for her.  She has published a lot with them in a short time, so here’s the link to her bio which has links to all of her articles. She is an extremely strong writer and any time reading her words is time well spent.
  8. This weekend, our weather is forecasted to turn, well, comparatively tropical. As in close to 50 degrees. Break out the bikinis!

I hope you will all have a great weekend and I’ll try to write more next week!

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