Little Things for Which I am Thankful

Bird taking flight
Bird taking flight

Just a very quick post before I head down to the beach to take a walk along the water’s edge… (btw, I had meant to take this bird’s photo while he was stationary but as I got closer, he took to the air. I think the picture came out even better that way!)


sunset on St. Lucia
sunset on St. Lucia
  1. I’m very thankful to have spent the time with friends again in the Caribbean, and that my presentation (seemed) to go well earlier this week. It was cool to see all these librarians who usually work in a formal setting getting up and stretching and laughing amongst each other.
  2. I met a librarian who my school really wanted to interview, but because of timing and other circumstances, it didn’t work out and she got hired elsewhere. She was really cool and she said I inspired her to start working out again. 🙂
  3. I’ve been worried about my furballs, and one in particular, this week, Bonkers, because he was sick. But my roommate (and her boyfriend especially) took care of him and he seems to be recovering well. I am so glad that he was not alone when he got sick and that someone who really cared about him was there to help him out, get him all cleaned up, made sure he was eating enough canned pumpkin, etc.
  4. I’ve been able to swim in the near-bathwater-temperature of the Caribbean every day this week. Many of the people around here take it for granted but I never would.
  5. There have been a family of cats that live at the hotel area where I am staying – they’ve been super cute and a lot of people here have been feeding them (although they still look a bit on the skinny side), so they’ve made me feel a bit less like I am so far from home.
  6. I am thankful to be returning home to my furballs. I have really missed them.
  7. I realized by being down here that I think the pacific northwest will definitely be  a good match for me. It was very overcast here in St. Lucia yesterday, and I loved it. I’m definitely ok with some grey days as long as I know it won’t be raining nonstop and also that the sun will eventually come back. As long as I won’t be freezing to death on all of those really grey days, I’m good to go. That’s the difference between the northwest and the northeast. In the northeast, it can just become absolutely miserable.

I will write more over the next few days, and add in lots of pictures of St. Lucia.  I put a few on facebook but that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of how many I took!  (The little guy below was pretty friendly – we met him on our tour on Wednesday afternoon and he even let me pick him up and hold him!)

My buddy from our tour
My buddy from our tour

3 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  • Oh Terri, I’m so happy for you! This is such a wonderful experience (the beaches, sunsets, culture, people, etc, etc, etc…wish I was there too). Thanks for sharing all the pictures on Facebook. We are looking forward to hearing some of the things you experienced there.

    • Yeah, I was able to speak to a few locals too – very nice guys. Funny how they would all ask “doesn’t your husband miss you?” as one of their very first questions. Oh…so subtle!! LOL. The water is gorgeous, the sand is awesome, and the people are very friendly on the whole. I would definitely recommend St. Lucia to others. The mosquitoes though – they can keep them to themselves!

      • “Doesn’t your husband miss you?” That’s too funny! Nice subtle pick up line. I would tend to disagree about your recommendation because Grenada is THE spice isle of the Caribbean…she’s a beauty 🙂 Yes, those mosquitoes are pretty bad…no arguments there.

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