Little Things for Which I am Thankful

Beach flowers from St. Lucia
Beach flowers from St. Lucia

Well, it was my first week back after the conference, and it was a busy one. Sorry I have not been writing much lately but I’ve been extremely busy and there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, sometimes. I know I’m not alone in thinking this way. Anyway, I hope that will change after this weekend. It’ll be my second attempt at passing the CES (corrective exercise science) certification exam. You need 70 points to pass, and on my first attempt, well, I got 69. My chiropractor said that’s pretty good considering I have not gone to an actual school to learn all of this. Self-learning anatomy and physiology is really hard, trust me.   I also know that I sometimes freak out when a test is timed, as this one is. (So, if I normally read your blog and make comments and haven’t done so this past week or two, I plan on catching up!)

1. So thankful it’s Friday. My plan is to re-take the test tomorrow morning if possible. God, I want to move this to the “done” column!

2. Coffee, coffee, coffee… I’m starting to type this before 5 a.m. Don’t think I need to give more of an explanation on this one. 🙂

3. This week, my Bonk Man (Bonkers) had some bathroom issues again, but he seems to be doing better again. Decided to switch him over to a really high-fiber prescription diet, and see if that helps. I”m so grateful his vet was good and called me back yesterday, was very patient with giving me advice, and now he’s taking some medicine for the next 5 days (if I can get him to eat the crushed up pills in his food.) My drinkwell water fountain had died mysteriously over the past week so I bought a new one of the very same model and he seems to be back and drinking away. I’m hoping this keeps all the diarrhea away! (Washing a cat in the bathtub all on your own is not fun. He doesn’t love it but he didn’t try to bite me either, so I guess he knows I am trying to help.)

From our tour - St. Lucia really is like a rain forest, climate-wise.
From our tour – St. Lucia really is like a rain forest, climate-wise.

4. Had my fitness evaluation with my gym’s trainer yesterday. As an employee, I found out after, that I get a 50 percent discount on his rate, but we think he still gets his regular rate (as he should.) To me, it’s worth the money to spend if he can help me get to that point where I can run again without pain. Plus he knows I want to switch careers eventually to fitness, so he explains his thought process to me as he goes along. He knows my chiropractor, who also works out at my gym, and so they have been talking together to come up with a plan.

5. I was able to see a good friend this week – actually a few folks who I have not seen in a while. Took the day off on Tuesday and hung out at a friend’s house, down near the Cape (Cod) and it was so relaxing and nice to get away from the city. And my friend’s mom lives on the Olympic Peninsula part of WA, which is exactly where I would also love to live!! So she gave me her email and said she hopes to see me there next year. Oh yeah, she will!!!

6. Decided to take a week of stay-cation at the end of July. I’ve got 5 weeks saved up, and you are only allowed carry a max of 8 weeks (because I have been there a while, newer employees can’t carry as much).  This way I can keep on earning vacation pay next year as I plan up my  move to the west coast!  (I am fortunate to earn 4 weeks per year.)

7. I’m so glad to be home with my animals again. Being away from them and then coming home made me realize how much I do love them, and how I can’t be separated from them. So, I’ve decided – the motorhome it is.  Making the decision has helped me to focus on what’s important, and helps to decrease the urgency I sometimes have at work to “just have to get a candy bar out of that vending machine.”  It also makes me look at all my belongings with a different eye – which ones will last through the purge and which ones will go? (If you haven’t guessed yet, most of it will.)  And while I find the idea of living a somewhat alternative lifestyle very scary, I find it also to be very exciting! And I love having the freedom to look and think about what could be my next home….(either by looking at craigslist or, etc.)

This little guy in the picture below was one of my buddies in St. Lucia at every meal. He helped me feel a little less lonely for my furballs at home.

one of my mealtime buddies
one of my mealtime buddies


I feel grateful for a large number of things this week, but need to get some more things done before I head to the gym this morning, so I’ll end this here! Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I can add the initials “CES” behind my name. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  • Yes, welcome back once again. I always look forward to this list. Thanks for sharing with us. I love your pictures. The Bougainvillea flowers are the national flowers of Grenada. The second one of the banana trees reminds me of my backyard in Grenada as well. You brought me back with both images. The little friend you made looks pretty cool. Not camera shy at all. Have a wonderful weekend Terri!

    • So glad you liked the pictures! The ones of the flowers I took on my very last morning there. I got up early on purpose to take a walk on the beach before the sun became really strong. And no, that little feline was not shy at all! Not in front of the camera or in general! H was always like “ok, i’m here. you know what to do. feed me!!”

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