Little Things for Which I am Thankful

Ok, maybe these are not so little!  But the pictures included in this post are ones where I just realized the simple beauty that is always around me. I love cloudy days (good thing I want to move to the pacific northwest, huh?)

Sunset in St. Lucia - loved the clouds down there over the ocean
Sunset in St. Lucia – loved the clouds down there over the ocean

When I was in St. Lucia, if I sat still enough, I was treated to the sight of so many sand crabs digging out their homes, and I  marveled at how efficiently they worked, plus how well they blended in with their surroundings. And finally, the last photo of the sky through the trees – my ex-boyfriend got me into noticing the leaves on trees a lot more. I took this last photo below while on our field trip in St. Lucia. Because it’s so humid, the climate is basically like a rain forest.

  1.  I am on vacation next week from my full time job. Enuf’ said!
  2. While I will be on vacation from the full time one, the freelance work is back – we are working on prettying up the citations and a bit of research still left, but at this point, it’s very minor, compared to what came before.
  3. I ran three times this past week – twice on the treadmill and once outside. A total between three runs of only 5.25 miles, but that is 5.25 more than I have run over many weeks. So, I’ll take it. Slower than dirt, yes. Pain free, yes.
  4. Frozen food. It really does make the best ice pack for whatever body part is sore. (I tend to think this is the culmination of a week where I started working out with the personal trainer, and sat at the gym on the stools they give us as seats, rather than removing one of the chairs from the office like I normally do!)  All I can say is that as I write this, I love Trader Joes for their frozen thai food and the fact that it is completely numbing my lower left back right now.

    One of my many sand crab friends
    One of my many sand crab friends
  5. Kindle Unlimited. It’s this new thing that Amazon is doing – you pay 9.99 for the month and can download (up to ten at  a time) books which are part of that plan. Since a lot of the books I’ve been reading, RVing and the like, were part of that list, I’m doing the 30 day trial to see what I think. I think that if you are a voracious reader like me in your free time (whenever that is), it can really pay off. I know I’ve already downloaded and read books more than equal to 9.99. And this is my free month! (If this sounds lame, well, remember that I don’t have a TV. Much cheaper than a cable TV package, let me tell you!)
  6. All of my animals were healthy this week. Bonkers appears to be alright with the new food that he is eating (prescription diet of high fiber and low fat), meaning his stomach is handling it and he’s not being too picky about it like some cats are!)
  7. I broke the news to my mom this week, of my plan to move to WA state by next September (2015) and she didn’t completely freak out. We have had a changed relationship over the past few years since my divorce, one that involved our not talking for several months. Yes, she did call me back a few days later with concerns, but a second phone call seemed to calm her down and show her how serious I am about making these changes in my life. I am grateful for the change in that relationship. It wasn’t the easiest to come by, but it was necessary at the time.
  8. I have a really great best friend and her husband who helped me celebrate passing my test last week, by going out to dinner and a movie with me, and then going to the beach with me on Sunday. Water wasn’t exactly as awesome as it was in St. Lucia (I nominate this last sentence for “understatement of the year”), but it was nice to not have to worry about studying for anything, or trying to meet some deadline, etc. I could just “Be.”
  9. I’m grateful for the self-awareness I have acquired over the past few years. I decided over the last two weeks that no, I really don’t want to keep living in an apartment when I move out west. It’s the motor home for me, and I’m going to make it happen. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been willing to face all my anxiety and fears about living in a more unconventional way. It’s that fear of doing anything out of the norm that had me staying in a marriage for so long, trying to figure out how I could fix it, or fix myself (since I saw that as being a large part of the problem.)
  10. Earlier this week, I held a very tired Osito in my arms (it was super early in the morning.)  She was so tired that she eventually started snoring, and it was the absolutely cutest sound. I’m grateful for the changes in my life that brought me to her, as she and all my pets have enriched my life so much. If I was still married, I know I wouldn’t have all of them to learn from every day.
  11. I’m grateful for those of you who read this blog who are my friends, and for those of you who don’t know me, but lend me support. It is extremely helpful.

I could go on and on this week, but I’ll choose to end this here. In case you are wondering about how my battle with my debt is going, I’ll write a post this upcoming week and update you – the battle continues to be waged! I will be the victor!! (I just hope, before I’m 50, lol.)

finding beauty in everyday things
finding beauty in everyday things

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