Little Things for Which I am Thankful

The reservoir, looking surprisingly green!
The reservoir, looking surprisingly green!

This has been a vacation week from my full time job, but I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve covered an extra shift at the gym, and my author has been giving me more final work to do on the chapters, so I’m keeping my brain active too.

  1. I’ve come to a few realizations over the past few days. Or rather, acknowledged feelings I had been having in my gut about a few situations and people. Called a spade a spade, and stood up for myself.  Some people are genuinely good  and others are misguided. And I think some people in this world really want to change their lot in life but just don’t know how to go about doing it, for a variety of reasons. But, people should never mistake niceness for stupidity, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.
  2. I’ve been realizing more and more lately that I seem to be happiest when I’m able to relax outside, or just have some quiet.  I found that when I was thinking about moving to the  northwest and in trying to work as a trainer, I would be inside quite a lot. I would also be stuck in one place so I was trying to reconcile that with my love of nature and animals and wanting to help both. What I’ve come up with is this – I have filed an application to attend an Outdoor Awareness school in the Seattle area. If I get accepted, I’ll give more info about the program and what my goals are or will be in attending it.
  3. My chiropractor told me about this new movement in fitness called MovNat, so I’m going to do some investigating to see if that is yet another way to combine my varied loves.
  4. Even if I decide to not go the personal training route career-wise, I don’t think the knowledge gained over the past few years is a bad thing. When I first started reading up about the CPT (certified professional trainer), part of me thought “well, this s good information to have at any rate.”  I have to admit, working with the trainer over the past few days has taught me a bunch, and taught me how much I would have to learn. Not that learning is a bad thing, but I wonder if I really do have what it takes to be a personal trainer. I have started to doubt it, quite honestly. So why does this make the “thankful” list? Well, as one of  my friends said to me when I expressed my doubts, it’s good that I am really thinking about this now before I get into another career that I might not want to stay in forever. I sunk a lot of money into law school, as you all know, and well, I’m still paying for a degree that if I could reverse time and go back, I would not have chased, I can tell you that.
  5. My best friend is so patient and generous. She drove me to the nearest Camping World the other day so that I could wander around through several motor homes to take a really good look at what I thought would work, space-wise, as well as different floor plans. I couldn’t afford to buy anything that was there, but it gave me some good ideas. And the one I thought I was really digging, when I took her through it, she pointed out a few things to me that made a lot of sense. Always good to have a second pair of objective eyes with you. Someone looking out for your best interests.
  6. As I said earlier, it’s been vacation week. So I’ve been taking long walks with Osito and hanging out by the reservoir quite a lot.  The two photos I’m including were taken on two different days, and it’s amazing how sometimes the water appears so green, and at other times, so blue.

photo (28)

Sorry for the posting of this late in the day, but today has been a really long day, starting bright and early at 3:30 a.m. (had to walk to the gym this morning because the electric bike is at the bike doctor to have its battery checked out.)  Going to get to work on those chapters, because I know those citations are not gonna format themselves…. (unfortunately, sigh…)

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2 thoughts on “Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  • Glad you were able to take a week off. Nice! It helps us slow down from our fast-crazy-life! Regarding #4…you know what I’m going to say…yes, nothing is ever lost. We learn so much through the experiences of life. I’m excited about your future plans!

    • Yeah, I was able to relax somewhat – was still working on the book, but it was nice to not have to worry about other things too. And to be able to take a walk down to the reservoir around lunch time, well, it was heaven. I’m super excited too!!

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