Getting Rid of my Debt (What # am I up to now?)

Shhh...the baby is sleeping....
Shhh…the baby is sleeping….

I seriously have lost count. I know I have not been talking about the Debt Killing much lately and that’s because it has slowed down,while my savings has really ramped up. Now that I know I definitely want to move to WA state by September of next year (and possibly as early as August if I get accepted to the Outdoor School I mentioned in my last post), I have figured out how much I need to save to feel comfortable when making the move. I want to have at least 4-6 months living expenses saved up, a scooter (which I estimate will cost me about 2K), and have planned on saving up about $3K for the move. I figure the motor home will cost me probably about $1200 for gas alone, and I’m thinking right now my budget for the motor home purchase will probably be around 10K. I’m not expecting to get the latest model but want something dependable, and I don’t mind putting in some sweat equity to make it my “home” Ii.e. my goal is to make it feel “beachy” by probably painting the walls, and possibly the cabinets depending on what color they are to start with.)

I have a very good friend that went over a budget plan with me about a month ago, and helped me come up with the total number I need to save. So, with all this saving going on, obviously the student loan payment can’t be as aggressive. But I plan on still paying about $200 extra toward the private loan on top of the regular payment. So, $367 per month, for now.

So, anyway, here’s where it was in June 23rd of this year (just five to six weeks ago):

LAL loan: $15,921.62
Simmons Loan: $23,620.04
Big Daddy (federal) loan: $75,390.94

TOTAL BALANCE: $114,942.60

Here’s where it stands as of now.

LAL loan: $15,420.14
Simmons Loan: $23,620.04
Big Daddy (federal) loan: $75,390.94

TOTAL BALANCE:  $114,441.12.

Decrease in debt = $501.48

So yeah. Not the killer amount I was on target for, but I’m not the type of person who can move with very little money in their pocket, and I feel like with all of my animals counting on me, that would be irresponsible of me to do.   But while this debt reduction has not gone down as rapidly as it was before, I’ve really kicked the savings into high gear. (And no, I’m not posting those numbers here because well, I just don’t feel comfortable doing so.)  My debt, though, that I don’t mind talking about until the cows come home!

I am hoping that I can ultimately have a motor home by next April and be able to park it at my friend’s grandmother’s house out in the suburbs. That will help immensely cut down my expenses, although I will plan on paying them for my utilities and whatever they think is a fair rent. I will either put that savings into my savings plan or throw it at the debt. I really would love to have the debt be gone by September 2015, but it doesn’t look possible if I also want to save.

It is amazing. One thing Dave Ramsey says is that you don’t start saving until the long term goal you have becomes more important than the daily goal. So when I think of getting something from the vending machine these days, usually (unless I’m feeling light headed) I can resist the temptation because I tell myself that every little dollar helps. Will that candy bar make me feel so good that it’s worth waiting extra time for down the line?  (Granted, I know one candy bar only delays it by like, what? a minute? But they all add up over time.)

So, that is where I am at, folks. I no longer have a roommate so my food bill will go down a bit, and probably my electric bill too as she tended to be a night owl and I am definitely a morning person. I’m hoping that I can take those little bit of savings every month and either put it aside in another savings account that is more accessible than my online ones so it’s like an “emergency emergency” account or even throw it all at the student loan.

Oh, and as I was writing this post, I just picked up another (hopefully) regular shift at the gym – 8 to 4 every Sunday! I mean, yeah, working six days a week isn’t something I want to do for the rest of my life, but working at the gym is not as stressful as my full time job can sometimes be. And you know what? I’m getting paid. 🙂

And with that, folks, I will be signing off for this evening. Planning on getting up super early for a run around my beloved reservoir! There is no better way to start the day than with an awesome run, or one when you have the entire place to yourself. That’s how it was for me on my first lap around this past Saturday. I just kept smiling – I couldn’t believe it!!

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Vacation week, and everyone wants a piece of the mom. Yes, that is my pants leg right next to Osito's bum. And that's my HoneyBun.
Vacation week, and everyone wants a piece of the mom. Yes, that is my pants leg right next to Osito’s bum. And that’s my HoneyBun.



4 thoughts on “Getting Rid of my Debt (What # am I up to now?)

    • Thank you, Kelvin. I need that reminder to keep it all in perspective. It’s more progress than I would have made even a few years ago, when I didn’t have a sense of budgeting, stretching my dollars, etc. 🙂

  • SO happy to be back to the downsizing group and catching up with your blog. You are doing so beautifully!!!! Wow, what a commitment. I’m impressed, my dear. LoveLOVE

    • Thank you, Janis!!!!!! It is so great to hear from you again! I’m so glad you are back with us too, Troy is just a hero to all of us with how much he has gotten rid of. I’m definitely trying hard, Janis, and I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff – the sentimental stuff remains only my grandma and grandpa’s photos and grandma’s wedding band. 🙂

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