Simple Things I Love

Now that I’ve been in Utah for a month, I thought I would take a moment and write about the simple things I love about my life. These are the things that make me smile inwardly and outwardly every day.

  1. Seeing all of my animals eating every morning and every night.  I now understand the passion behind my mom’s statement we heard while growing up: “I would take the shirt off of my own back for you or give you the food out of my own mouth – you will always be taken care of.” (That may not be the exact wording but you get the idea.)
  2. The quiet time I have every morning to write. Everyone else in my RV park is asleep at that time, so it’s just “me” time.
  3. The beautiful view I see on my drive to work every morning – seeing the cliffs and canyons surrounding my town. It’s something you can’t put a price on.
  4. The feeling I get when chopping up veggies for a good healthy dinner, or chopping up bananas to put into a healthy smoothie. I’m doing something good for myself, and creating, and it feels really good.
  5. Looking at a clean and empty kitchen sink and counter with no dirty dishes or extraneous “stuff” laying around. (There’s just something about an uncluttered counter that is so calming.)
  6. Talking to my best friend on the phone and feeling like she’s right there next to me, not over 2500 miles away. She’s so smart, generous and giving. I am so glad to have her in my life and can’t wait to see her again next spring. 
  7. Opening up my pantry cupboard and seeing it full of food, knowing I can provide for myself, and knowing that if I were to just need to live off of that storage for the rest of the month, I could, and that it would make me get creative with my meals.
  8. The feeling of waking up naturally, not to an alarm clock. Feeling well rested,and seeing so many of my animals dozing on the bed near me.
  9. Using pencil and paper, realizing that even though I have a much smaller salary now, I can still afford to pay off things or save a little, every month. All it takes is a little discipline.
  10. My nightly walks with little Osito.  We walk past the big RV park and look at all the big fancy rigs, and I wonder where those people may find themselves the following day. (I love sitting at the airport and realizing how far all these people can travel in a single day.) We like to go around sunset so it’s not so hot.  On our last walk, she met a 9 year old boy and continued her simple way of being an ambassador for dogs everywhere, just by being her super sweet self. 🙂
  11. This shows you how much my world has changed – Utah is definitely not Boston in some aspects. I just got contacted by the recycling guy and I’m going to be able to continue recycling – this brings me so much joy, you have no idea.

What are some simple things that you love or make you happy in your life? Please drop me a line below and let everyone know! And as always, if you have liked this post, please hit like or subscribe. 

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