Why I Like Living Small

the view from Scout's Lookout on the Angel's Landing Trail at Zion
the view from Scout’s Lookout on the Angel’s Landing Trail at Zion

I was going to write a post about living in an RV, but then I thought I would write about why I like living small instead because I think a lot of these ideas or reasons can easily be applied to both. I’ll write a separate post about living in an RV later.

  1. Contained.  This is the sense I get – everything I have is easily contained. This doesn’t mean that necessarily everything is in its proper place at all times, but it does mean that everything can be contained within a small structure (small in the sense of relative to the average size house in this world. My RV is 30.5 feet long.) When I start to feel the urge to buy things to make it feel more like “home” I am reminded of the space allotment I have, and that’s usually enough to have my brain switch to “no thanks.”
  2. Neatness. It is really forcing me to be neater than I have ever been before in my life. Maybe it’s also because I do a lot of cleaning up after animals at my job as well, but there is nothing worse than coming into a small space and seeing crap strewn all over the place. Even if it’s the crap you really love and value. When my place is neat, I feel like I can breathe much easier.
  3. Makes me feel financially safer.  I’m now paying about 25% of what my old rent used to be, back in Boston. I was paying for room that I didn’t need.  Because of this, I get excited thinking about how fast I can pay off the RV I currently have, so that I can work on saving money so that I can pay for something smaller, with cash. And how I can fit all of my pets and myself in something much smaller, comfortably. Yes, it would make sense to do something like a Class B, but those can be very expensive unless it’s a lot on the older side, and in that case, I would worry about it breaking down a lot. Guess I should set myself up for an auto mechanic’s course….
  4. Makes me prioritize what I really love and do not love.  I’ve been looking at my closet and thinking that even though I downsized it to get to here, it needs to be downsized even more. I have heard of folks who live in  RVs who get rid of anything that they have not used in one month, and if I follow that rule, there are definitely things that I can say good bye to, however, with the change in seasons, I am not as sure.
  5. Makes me want to go even smaller. The funny thing about downsizing is that now I want to go even smaller. I see lots of Casitas and small travel trailers now, as well as teardrops, in this part of the country, and I look at them wistfully, and think what if I could get all of my possessions into something that small? Wouldn’t that be great??
  6. Less motivation to buy stuff. Because it’s small(er) than my old apartment, the motivation to buy stuff just isn’t there. If I do buy anything,  I then have to bring it home and find a place for it, and that can get kind of tiring. Better to not have to worry about it in the first place.
  7. Makes me want to get out and experience the outdoors. Or maybe that’s just the location. Either way, I prefer to not sit inside all the time! (The above picture is proof.)

Have any of you downsized recently or want to downsize your living quarters, and how has it gone, or why do you want to downsize? Please drop me a line below! (And as always, if you’ve liked the post, please hit like or subscribe or share it, and thanks for reading!)

20 thoughts on “Why I Like Living Small

    • Yep, and I love her Casita, and the fact that she has two dogs at the same time is pretty cool. I am lucky – no one else to worry about getting on board with the minimalism idea (yet). Do you also read Interstellar Orchard? She lives in a Casita too!

  • I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this endeavor of yours. As I find myself looking at my things and while I was trying to downsize, I find myself stocking on things I use, and having to find room for them I am so afraid I won’t work for a month so I need to have that financial part set aside, along with things that I use everyday. So now where to stash the stored items Hum, I bought a few items from Ikea and they seem to work really well. So if I over flow on them it’s time to reevaluate what I need. I have some stuff as it is to donate to charity that I haven’t ever used.

    • You will feel so much better and lighter if you get rid of that stuff you haven’t used. I myself have several bags I want to donate. I get the idea behind stocking up on stuff, but for me, I didn’t have that luxury, moving cross country with just one small car and me and all my animals.

  • Great reasons here, Terri! I especially like “less motivation to buy stuff.” Even though my house is not tiny, I’ve thankfully outgrown the idea that I need to “fill the space with stuff.” It really just perpetuates a cycle of having to take care of more and more things. I’m going to share this post in my next “Joyful Reads and Finds” post at my Joyfully Green blog. Thanks very much for the food for thought!

    • Joy, thank you so much for commenting! Oh wow, thank you for including it in your post!! I will definitely check it out – I’m an avid reader and am always looking for something new to read, whether it be blogs or books, etc. I always feel like someone else knows something I don’t know yet and I can learn from.

  • So envious of your lifestyle, mine is the complete opposite. 6 of us in a four bedroom house with way too much stuff, but I will keep trying to declutter! I really like the idea of being able to contain all your possessions in one space and to travel…I can only dream! Jenni (Melbourne, Australia)

  • My first post vanished so I hope you don’t end up with two! Really enjoyed reading about your lifestyle, it sounds wonderful. I am in a four bedroom house with husband and 4 children with way too much clutter. Still keep trying to cut down and clear out! Jenni (Melbourne, Australia)

    • I appreciate you leaving both comments and not giving up after the first! I have to admit, I wish I had bought something even smaller. And don’t worry, you can clear out some of what you have – it just takes time. I feel like I’ve been decluttering now for about 4 years and still have a ways to go!

  • I did downsize, and loved my tiny space but circumstances forced a move. I love my current home but still miss the comfort of that tiny space. Your post reminded me of all the things that were so wonderful about that little apartment.

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Yes, I can’t imagine going bigger again. I really want to go smaller, like a 13′ Casita or Scamp. I’d go even smaller if it weren’t for the animals in my life, who do need a bit of room to stretch (and sleep.) It’s comforting to have a small space, isn’t it?

      • It was very comforting to be in my tiny apartment. No one really understood my love for that space. The home I have now I own and I sit here often trying to reconfigure the house to make it smaller. Remove the addition, cut off the second story (which is closed half the year any way) but zoning and money prevent any of those plans.

      • Oh, I totally get it. My apartment building back in Boston= I lived for one year in a one bedroom that was HUGE. About 1000 sq feet. Way too much space. I downsized into a studio on my floor and was much, much happier. Of course, toward the end, even that space felt big to me, as I knew I would be moving into an RV. Could you rent out the second story and supplement your income that way?

      • That is huge for a one bedroom. The last one bedroom apartment I had was 450 sq ft and it felt so large I moved to a studio. 🙂

        I’ve thought of many ways to divide up this house. The first was just for me to live in the basement and rent the house, which would more than pay the mortgage and then some. That didn’t happen because it floods, so until I take care of that problem….

        The second story isn’t feasible as a rental unit because it’s only two rooms and there is no water in that portion of the house. But thank you, it was a good idea.

      • I don’t think so I am too set in my ways and am a loner by nature. I do use the rooms now and then when family guests come for extended visits.

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