Big News!!

Hi everyone, I’m so sorry it has been a few weeks since my last post, but believe me, I’ve been very busy and productive! Because times/things? They are a-changing!! (I’ve even had this post mainly written but haven’t had a chance to add photos until today.)

Ok, so first off, I’m moving to Albuquerque! I went there almost two weeks ago and found an apartment that will allow me to have my pets, and is in a safe neighborhood, is clean, and is just what I was looking for. Linoleum floors – awesome for animals and picking up animal hair! It’s about 380-400 sq feet, so it fulfills my dream of living tiny, and there are a lot of trees in the courtyard right outside my window! I can park my car close by, and keep an eye on it, and it’s close to school – only about a mile and a half away. There is a golf course close by so I can go for a run and see beautiful scenery.

Isn't she a cutie?? Her name is Morgan - this was taken on her first overnight visit with us.
Isn’t she a cutie?? Her name is Morgan – this was taken on her first overnight visit with us.

Oh, and guess what?? I am adopting a 3 year old beautiful cattle dog that I have fallen in love with at the Page Animal Adoption Agency! She is my favorite dog there and the one I always make sure to walk, no matter what. She just loves loves loves walks, and she is going to be my new running partner once I move! We will start out gradually, of course, since I think we both need to work up to running distances of 3-5 miles, but I’m looking forward to having that baby girl join my family. She has been with us for an overnight visit, and yesterday for a 5-6 hour visit, and it’s like my cats are invisible to her. The only time she even reacts to them is if they hiss at her, and then she just kind of looks at them as if to say “sorry!” and then moves away. No barking back, no chasing, nothing. And she is fine with having little Baby O around – she is only selective about dogs when they are larger or close to her size. They have met and she seems to “read” Baby O well. Many times, when Baby O meets a younger, friendly dog, they sniff at her and sniff and sniff and sniff…you get the idea, even as she tries to walk away from them. Morgan realizes that Baby O is done with the meet and greet and pretty much leaves her alone.  She loves to go for walks, and she loves doggy jogging! So I am looking forward to her getting me out there every day and getting exercise again.

Now, the question everyone asks is – do I have a job lined up yet? NO. Am I terrified of not finding one? YES! I have been trying to get schoolwork done, do prep work to move (i.e. trying to figure out the most cost effective way to do it with all the animals and the few things I have acquired over the past year), and look for jobs, jobs, jobs! Seriously, people, I am TERRIFIED of not finding a job!  I do have some savings, and thanks to a very generous friend in my life, I was able to put down a deposit on the new place without having to touch those funds. And I have applied for financial aid with the college – not that I want to have to take out any more loans, but just in case it takes me a bit of time to find something. Who knows, maybe I can even get some work study funds?!

Morgan, sitting near me, even though she had a comfy blanket just a few feet away.
Morgan, sitting near me, even though she had a comfy blanket just a few feet away.

I’ve been applying to vet receptionist, and vet assistant type positions, and am applying to retail spots in places like Petco and PetSmart,  and plan on applying to hotels as well. I’m also setting up a profile for myself with, and have sent resumes and letters to some pet sitting services I’ve come across. I’ve applied to an animal sanctuary, and am happy to say that I have an interview set up with them just a few days after I arrive in ABQ.  Also, I plan on applying to seasonal jobs. I’m a hard worker – maybe it can turn into something more permanent.

Also, this past weekend, I went to Phoenix to celebrate one of my nephews getting married. I was able to see my younger brother (who many of you may think of as the crazy runner who does all these ultimate distance races like 100 miles) who came with his fiance all the way from NYC. I don’t dance, but while I was there, looking out at the dance floor, I looked at so many family members who I don’t get to see too often, just thinking how lucky I was to be able to spend the time with them. I realized then that there had been a change in my thinking. I used to go to weddings and look at the guests and wonder how happy were they really? Was everyone just faking being happy when really their lives weren’t? Or maybe their happiness that I saw that day was fleeting, just a moment in time. I know, it sounds very cynical, right?

You might be wondering, why Albuquerque? Because I want to give the southwest another shot. I’ve not felt completely at home where I’ve been so far but maybe because it’s been small towns, and I’ve come to the realization that I am more of a city girl. I need to live in a place that has more amenities and the possibility of more jobs. It’s a very dog friendly town, and there are many rescue groups as well as veterinary clinics. The weather is milder than the northeast – there are some cold(er) days, but hardly any snow, and it’s still an outdoor-activity friendly town. Lots of places to run and bike. There are mountains to the east, and lots of trees (it’s at a higher elevation than Lake Powell)< so I’ll be able to go hug trees whenever I feel the need. 🙂 The cost of living is low (necessary if you are looking to work in a field that doesn’t pay huge wages), and also, it’s where the community college is located that I am attending. It has a good vet technology program, and once I become an in-state student, the tuition is incredibly low. Since I am moving now, I should only have to pay out-of-state tuition for the first semester. It’s a 5-semester program, and it only begins in the fall (otherwise I’d just wait another semester until residency has been completely established.)

Again, sorry for the delay between posts. I wasn’t sure the Tuesday postings were working for me, honestly. I’m going to try to be more organized, going forward, and get posting more regularly. Thanks for sticking around with me.

As always, thanks for reading.


18 thoughts on “Big News!!

    • Dawn, thank you!! I’m a bit terrified (ok, a lot terrified) but figure it’s just another step of fear to push through and I’ll be stronger for it. At least that’s what I keep reminding myself when I have those freak-out moments.

    • Thank you! My friend Dan says the same thing – that I’m following a dream and to remember that when I am feeling scared or overwhelmed, etc.

    • Thank you! I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your comment. I had two exams over the past week in addition to trying to get stuff ready to move. I’ve finally made it to ABQ, and can almost find what I need in the apartment! Have a job interview tomorrow, but will definitely be updating everyone on Morgan, the move, the job prospects, etc. Thank you!!

  • Becky, thank you so much! My friend Dan says i inspire him too, and I’m like “me? what??!”
    As the days get closer to my move, it’s getting scarier because I still don’t have a job lined up, but so far, two interviews are being set up, so wish me luck! I’m just going to be as frugal as possible both before and after the job. Good practice for basically my future. I know that I will never make a lot of money again, but I think I’m going to be a lot happier in the long run.

  • Congratz on your upcoming move. Sounds like a good plan!! Morgan is ADORABLE and I think you are BOTH lucky!! There is NO need whatsoever for apologies. You write when you write and I enjoy hearing about you and your critters!! (and all the others you take care of!!!)
    All the best to you all!!

  • Hey, congrats on the new outpost! Just catching up on your blog. I love New Mexico and the Hatch green chiles =) Hope the move went smoothly and hoping that you’ll find some work…I’m back in the grind now, working 60 hours a week. Leaves no room for road trips as work is my life for now.

    • No way – where did you start working?? (Email me and let me know.) I’m really liking ABQ by the way. People are friendly. Cost of living is so much lower than even in Page. And I’m loving my job too. I just couldn’t relax until I found something and luckily, this was the position I wanted the most.

  • Checking in late here . . . but heavy congrats on settling in so quickly. New Mexico is an inspiring state, certainly unlike any other, not even next-door Arizona, where I live. Always enjoy my time there with my camera. There is a “picture” everywhere you look.

    If you don’t already know about the State Park system, be sure to check it out. An annual pass for unlimited day use is $40.. An unlimited annual camping pass will allow you any open site in any state park, and is available to New Mexico residents for $180.. If you need electricity, it is an extra $4. per night. Many of the sites have ramadas and/or two-sided barriers against wind and sun, so even if you are tenting, it is comfortable. I see many people tent or car camping, staying multiple days/weeks, so it must be pleasant enough even without an RV. If you have the camping pass, you don’t need a day pass, too.

    The restrooms are usually quite nice, and there are flush toilets and free showers in all of the ones I have been in. There are many parks with hiking opportunities within easy driving distances from Albuquerque. I think you would particularly like Oliver Lee.

    More info at:

    Map of state parks is here:

    You could probably put Baby O in a backpack and walk Morgan for hikes. Stay on the trails, though. We watched a rescue operation in Dog Canyon (Oliver Lee) wherein it took all night and night-flying helicopters to retrieve a couple of soldiers who decided to take a short cut! (Yes, they were finally rescued safely.)

    Virtual hugs,


    • Not sure why but for some reason I never saw this comment? I’m so sorry, Judie! I am going to look into the state park pass. I already have the national park one and get a lot of use out of it. Always worth the money – thank you!!

      • Most definitely!! I love going to all the open spaces that they already have and I like taking Morgan with me. She is a calming influence (sometimes, lol) and I like looking at the world through her eyes, or trying to anyway. I’m definitely gonna check out the state parks – maybe while I am at the MVD/DMV today to get my new license, lol.

      • Your speaking through Morgan posts are very enjoyable. I have no difficulty believing those are her thoughts. Really cute about the dog bed switcheroo!

      • Aw, thanks Judie! That cracked me up that night – it’s the only night it has happened. Lately, she’s been sitting right at my feet every time I sit down on my chair, or sitting next to me on my bed. And you know what? I’m really enjoying writing these posts too!

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