Getting out of my Debt, Part Umpteen!!

I don’t even know what number I am up to by now….

Well, folks, I have hit a few milestones. I’m happy to say that FINALLY my private LAL loan has fallen below $16K. The balance on it is now 15,921.62.  That means I have paid off about 25% of the loan since September, because it was over $20,900 at that time!

So here is what the numbers used to be like:

Sept. 2013:

Personal loan: $4,211.42
LAL loan: $20,939.94
Simmons Loan: $23,620.04
Big Daddy (federal) loan: $75,390.94

TOTAL BALANCE: $124,162.34

Here are what the numbers look like now:

June 2014:

LAL loan: $15,921.62
Simmons Loan: $23,620.04
Big Daddy (federal) loan: $75,390.94

TOTAL BALANCE: $114,942.60

DIFFERENCE: $9,219.74 REDUCTION in DEBT!!!!!!!!

In addition to that, I guess I can say it now – I’ve reached the halfway $ mark for my tiny home/motorhome/land fund (whatever it ends up being.)   I admit, sometimes I am tempted to take that balance and throw it all at the LAL loan just so I can see the balance go below 10K sooner than scheduled, but I just need to keep plugging away.

To keep myself inspired this morning, I read through a couple blog posts of people who have really gotten themselves out of debt: (How I wish my amount was as low as hers to start with! It’s all relative, folks…)

Fairy Tales, or How I Paid $200,000 in Student Loan Debt Loan Off in 5 Years

If you haven’t read this guy’s book or blog yet, check out No More Harvard Debt.  Pretty inspiring.

Oh, and another friend sent me this link over the weekend – I love how this guy has been helping very elderly senior citizens get stronger! This is definitely an untapped market in the fitness industry.   The post was called A Chiseled Body Builder, Frail Clients, and A Fitness Story for the Ages.

And in case you  like reading these kind of stories in bulk: People Who Got out of Debt.

What do you do to give yourself a pick me up when you need it? Whether it’s about debt or something else?

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