Humane Lobby Day in Massachusetts, 2014

One thing I have to say about my employer is that we do have really good benefits, including 3 personal days per year. So, yesterday, I used one of them, and went to the Massachusetts State House to take part in Massachusetts’ Humane Lobby Day (i.e. we were there to lobby on behalf of animals.) I am very glad I went. I admit, I usually feel pretty jaded about the whole political process, especially when it comes to the federal level of our government, but still, yesterday was inspiring. I’ve been trying to figure out how to live a more authentic life and to be true to my heart and to passions of mine, and today helped to partly fill a need I have to help animals.

First, I want you to see a video of a beautiful pit bull named Turtle, who was at the state house yesterday and literally everyone that saw her smiled. She just had the sweetest demeanor and was so patient with everyone all day. So many hands were reaching out to her over and over.

Here is what Turtle used to look like (by the way, the lady who is sitting with her at the beginning of the video is Debby Vogel, the volunteer coordinator and person responsible for educational programs, and so much more. She is really loved by all the volunteers, myself included.) As you can see, Turtle suffered and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of light in her eyes.

Please click here to see what Turtle looks like today!! Seriously, she had that smile on her face every time I saw her yesterday! And look into her eyes!!! They are so alive now!  Read more

Massachusetts Lobby Day for Animals: March 18, 2014; PETA Lawyer Talks about Orcas in Captivity

Next week, I am taking a day off from work to go to the State House here in Boston, to lobby on behalf of animals. I’m not sure exactly what all of it entails, but I will be there as part of a group of volunteers from the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  We are set to have some training tomorrow evening at the ARL location in the South End.  I’m glad to be able to go and give a voice to those who can’t speak (in our version of English anyway) for themselves. Maybe someday, just maybe, animals won’t be considered to be mere property in the eyes of the law. Read more